Monday, October 16, 2006

Vista be damned...Linux is looking better 'n better

While I am a proponent of the capitalist system insofar as I believe if I produce/develop/create something I should be able to charge what I want, I also think Microsoft has lost its marbles. Vista looks to be the most bloated OS yet, with more bells and whistles than an average user will EVER need, all at a price no one should pay.

Most users use a PC to surf the net, do some word processing, and perhaps organize their digital photos. Buying Vista is like buying a Hummer to drive the kids a block to school...oh wait...

While I have never directly used Linux, I have played with it. Once installed, the aforementioned average user will see little to no difference in their computing experience (except a lack of trojans, viruses, and worms (oh my...sorry...Wizard of Oz reference). So why would an average user buy Vista? I know I probably won't.