Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 - those stupid horns!

I've never been a big fan of soccer (or football to the purists out there). I did play for the better part of a decade back in my school days, but really could never get into watching it on television. It's a tediously slow game, especially when played at the professional level.

I thought I would get into this year's World Cup - given that my fiance's son is an avid soccer player and huge Arsenal fan. They lived in England for several years, and he, along with his sister, was born there. They only moved back to Canada about 7 years ago.

So the stage was set for me to actually get into this event - especially with England's first game against the US. So we flip the TV onto the big game - and cue the fucking horns. The constant droning of these things ensures I won't watch another game.

The vuvuzela is a piece of crap plastic horn that produces a high pitched whining sound in the range of 127 decibels. That's right - louder than a pneumatic drill for you people keeping score at home. Some have been measured up to 144 decibels. It's use is being defended as a part of the soccer (football) culture of South Africa. So was apartheid, at one point - things change.

Facebook groups against these horns are springing up. People want them banned. Sound companies are coming up with ways to filter the noise. All of that effort for a glorified kazoo.