Monday, July 18, 2005

Strange First Day

Okay...first day as a consultant. Odd to say the least. Forgot about everything I had heard about how tightly controlled a government employee's outside-world-access is. You can't install ANYTHING on the PC (none o' my cool programming tools). You can't even use MSN Messenger (okay...some might say that's a good thing, but I like it so bite me).

Tried to access gmail, but as this service uses active x, and that's been turned off, no can do. I can't modify the Internet security settings to turn ActiveX back on either. In fact, I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE PERMISSIONS TO CHANGE THE FREAKIN' DATE AND TIME.

Somewhere, some anal retentive, desperate for power mid-level bureaucratic manager decided to lock everything down. I think his theory was if his life sucked, so will everyone elses'.