Thursday, October 23, 2008


Over the past few years, I have tired of sports in general. From hockey, to baseball, to football, to the Olympics...I just don't care anymore. The superstars of these sports turned me off of them. Prancing boors with more money than brains and terrible work ethics: how many times have you seen a player sign a huge contract, and then slack off?

But, even if you aren't a fan of hockey, there is one player that should make you stand up and take notice. Alexander Ovechkin, who plays for the Washington Capitals, is not the typical sort of superstar. Here's man who signed the richest contract in NHL history - something around $100 Million dollars - and who lives with his parents. This is a guy who, on his birthday, in the preseason, skated hard during an optional practice, when he could have been home relaxing. This guy ENJOYS his sport. Last season, he became the first player to win all of the following trophies in the same year: The Hart (league MVP), the Lester B. Pearson (MVP voted by other players), the Maurice Richard (most goals), and the Art Ross (most points).

In January, during a game against Montreal, he broke his nose, split open his lips, and simply score 4 goals, including the overtime winner. Every goal he scores, he celebrates with an exuberance you have to see to believe. Youtube him. Trust me.