Monday, December 19, 2005

Canada's Political system (in a nutshell)

This one's for BigBuddhaPuppy over at De-Center. In my post on the latest election in Canada, he asked for some general information on Canada's political system.

So, here goes:

Canada uses a parliamentary system, based on the Westminster system from the UK. There are 308 constituencies (or ridings) represented in the House of Commons. The party with a majority of these "seats" forms the government. In the case where there is no clear majority, the party with the most seats forms the "minority government" which usually survives by dealing with one of the other parties (or any independent Members of Parliament - these are members not affiliated with a party). Governments can be brought down, as was the case this past November, by a vote of no confidence. The ruling Liberal party lost a non-confidence vote (they had been backed by the socialist-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) but had screwed up so badly that they deserved to get turfed).

The ridings are supposed to be representative based on population, but this is not the case. The voter size of each riding can fluctuate between 130,000 to 27,000. Which is hardly "representative".

Political Parties:

Liberals - basically in the centre of the political spectrum.
Conservatives - basically to the right
NDP - to the left - no where near the centre
Bloc Quebecois - separatists (that's right - they run federally and want to separate Quebec from the country. Go figure.)
Green - environmentalists - so God-knows where they would fit

There are other fringe parties (the Green is considered fringe as well).


The Liberals present themselves as representative of all Canadians, but hardly are. The primary power base is in central Ontario. They very rarely win any seats west of Ontario. They have been entrenched in power far too long and have grown both arrogant and corrupt. Though, to hear some of the slack-jawed yokels, you wouldn't think so.

The Conservatives are newly formed from the demise of the old Progress Conservatives and the Reform party. For the most part, this party believes in fiscal conservatism. Hard to say how they would handle themselves if they won. They do want to re-open the gay marriage debate, ostensibly to give the members of parliament a chance on a free vote, which was denied them by the Liberals (i.e. the Liberals forced all their members to toe the party line). The Liberals try to claim that the Conservatives have a "hidden agenda"...whatever that is. This is how the Liberals win...vague innuendo to frighten the morons.

The NDP: pie-in-the-sky socialists. Pro-unionists with no real plan. They like to promise to throw money around, but kind of keep quiet when asked from where the money would come...can you say "TAXATION OVERLOAD"?

The Bloc Quebecois - as odd as it sounds, I have more respect for their leader than any of the others. He basically is quite up-front about his goals. This party is strictly regional.

My hope:

Now, barring a Conservative majority, I would like to see a minority Conservative government with the Bloc working with them. Odd as that sounds, it would be representative of most of the country. Unlike an Ontario-based Liberal government.

Changed Template

Thnak you for the comments regarding my HTML woes. I have decided to just use another template for now. Note, I used to use haloscan for comments, and now I am using the built in blogger ones. So, any past comments have disappeared.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Need HTML help!

Can someone more html savvy than I tell me what is going on here? No matter what I do, now both IE and Firefox drop my most recent post down until it starts below my sidebar (links and such to the right). Not sure what is going on here. It wasn't doing it at all, then it did it (without any changes by me) in IE. Now that I have downloaded Firefox 1.5, it's doing it with that one too.

A part of the html reads: .blogPost{margin:3px 0px 30px 0px;background:transparent;font-size:100%;} - even if I change that so it reads
.blogPost{margin:3px 200px 30px 0px;background:transparent;font-size:100%;} it still drops it down.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Voters are morons redux

Okay...Canada is heading to the polls again, and once again the voters, primarily in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, are proving that most of them are slack-jawed doorknobs who have no business in a ballot booth and even less business taking another breath.

Even after the firearms boondoggle (budget $80 million, currently over $1 billion and counting), the ADSCAM fiasco, the cancelled helicopter deals that costs us millions, the HRDSC fiasco with misplaced billions, Prime Minister Paul Martin's shipping business that was, oddly, exempt from new Canadian laws requiring ships to be registered in Canada (except, for the countries where his were registered, for tax evasion purposes)...and whatever else they have done but not been caught doing, it seems the aforementioned morons believe that the Conservatives and their leader Stephen Harper are "scary" and have some sort of "hidden agenda".

Asswipes who vote Liberal get what they deserve...a pack of arrogant elitists who in a less civilised country would have long ago been lined up against a wall and shot.

If you don't live in Quebec (since their choices really are limited to the Bloc and the Liberals), and are going to vote Liberal because you like the job they are doing, do me and the country a huge favour and refrain from voting. Barring that, go to the Darwin Awards and read up on the many creative ways morons like you have withdrawn themselves from the gene, and voting, pool, choose whichever is less "scary" to you, and have at it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Reasons to Hate the Leaves


Reason 1:

The NHL is back. 29 of the 30 teams paint the slogan "Thank you, fans" on the ice. Toronto, on the other hand, paints "Thank you, Leafs fans". Typical obnoxiousness.

Reason 2:

INXS, while on a promotional tour for their new, soon-to-be-release CD "Switch", sing the national anthems at a Toronto Maple Leafs (sic) home game. All but one of the members of the band are Australian and probably know NOTHING about hockey. They are all wearing Leafs (sic) jersies. Obnoxiousness.

Reason 3:

Oddly, the Leafs (sic)have won the past few games while enjoying a 5 on 3 power play. Very odd, given the set of circumstances that have to be present for that to happen. Can you say "fixed"?

Reason 4:

Based on Reason #3, they have won more games than they should have, simply due to somewhat questionable calls by the refs. I mean, once in while it happens, but at least two games in a row?? Too suspicious.

Reason 5:

It appears that only Leafs (sic) home games are in High Definition.

Reason 6:

There is no such word as "Leafs" in the english language.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


(Okay...okay...I know I am blasting too many posts all at one, but hey...the floodgates seem to be open right now...if anyone has an RSS feed of my site, my apologies for inundating you (though, I doubt anyone does).)

Now, to the meaning of the title of this post..."Wha?". Check out this nutbar called Dr. Kamau Kambon and some of the things he said in an address at the Howard University Law School...essentially he is telling people that we (meaning blacks) should exterminate all white people.

Around the same time ABC news had this headline: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate. So, in the interest of unbiased news reporting, where is ABC's headline: African American Doctor Spreads Racist Hate? I mean, I'm just asking.

Can anyone say The Turner Diaries. How does that book (and I am stretching the definition of the word "book" here) differ from the comments of this nutcase? Oh...right...he's black...he can say these things. I guess that's it.

If a white guy had said something like that, the blogosphere would be all over it. Funny. Funny, too, how it was a black blogger from whom I first heard of this (La Shawn Barber).

The Left and the Right

You know, I consider myself all over the political spectrum. I don't have any particular allegiance to the political left or the right. So, I think I might have a fairly objective viewpoint.

The blogosphere is dominated by those with left-wing opinions, educated or not. The tone of most of their diatribes remind me of the same diatribes I see coming out of the Right. But whereas the Right is harsh and insulting, the Left tends to be anyone with opinions that differ from theirs is substandard and a fool.

Rarely have I ever seen anyone from either side admit to being wrong and modifying their opinions...but less so from anyone on the Left. This is the same argument I had about unions: how viable is an organization if, in its own collective mind, IT IS NEVER WRONG? When is the last time a union has said "Oops, we screwed up. Boy, were we ever wrong. Sorry about shutting down the company...can you reopen the factories so we can get our jobs back?"? I mean, the present US administration is a prime example of Right-wing loonies who cannot admit they have screwed up, but since the Left is "so intelligent" and "knowledgable" about everything to do with life, the universe, and everything, they must be intelligent enough to realize that they can, and are, often wrong on issues.

Nope. Not in my experience. For proof, I offer any number of left-of-centre blogs as proof.

Petals around the rose

Interesting brain teaser. Blindingly simple, once you know the answer. It took me a good 20 minutes, then I turned off my brain and looked at the dice.

Essentially, you roll, in this case, 5 dice (5 die?). The score is either a 0 or an even number. All you, as a newbie, can be told is:

The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose
The name is significant
Every answer is zero or an even number

That's all the hints you get. When the dice are rolled, you can always be told the score, but not how it was calculated.

If you ever figured it out, you become part of the Potentate of the Rose and are pledged... be a cruel and heartless wretch who will never divulge the secrets of membership even under threat of the Rack and has taken an oath to comfort the miserable, ill, unfortunate and anguished members of the STUPE CLUB. Impossible as it may seem, each member has vowed to convert all STUPES to the grand and glorious P.A.T.R.

Check it out here: Petals Around the Rose


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dumbass Scammers

Got this email today:

REF: EML/ES/IPP/1555002244/05
DATE: 15th November, 2005

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Euro millions Lottery Winners International E-mail programs held on the 29th of November , 2005.Your E-mail address attached to ticket number 2203-006 with lucky main number 15 16 36 41 42 drew lucky star numbers 03 05, which consequently won in the 3rd category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of 1,000,000.00 Euro. (One Million Euro)
Due to mix up of some numbers and names/programme abuse, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 100,000 company and 50,000,000 individual email addresses and names from all over the world.

We hope with part of your winning you will take part in our end of year 50 millions Euro International lottery. this is an irish woman who won
To file for your claim, please contact our fiducial/Claim agent:

Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than 30TH of September 2005. After this date all unclaimed funds will be included in the next stake. Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all correspondence.

Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform our agent as soon as possible.
Congratulations once more from our members of staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program.
Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.
Sincerely yours,
Mr .Richard Marcial
Lottery Coordinator.

1. FULL NAMES: _______________________________
2. ADDRESS: __________________________________
3. SEX: _______________
4. AGE: ________
5. MARITAL STATUS: ___________________
6. OCCUPATION: _______________________
7. E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________
8. TELEPHONE NUMBER: ________________
9. LUCKY MAIN NUMBER: _______________
LUCKY STAR NUMBER: _______________
10.TICKET NUMBER: ___________________
11.REF / BATCH NUMBER: ______________
12.AMOUNT WON: ______________________

Man, must be my lucky day! Yippeee...

Oh wait...the dumbass sent me this letter, dated Nov 15th, 2005. The draw TOOK place on November 29th, 2005. In order to claim my prize I had to respond by the deadline of Sept 30th, 2005. Sooo...lemme get this straight...I had to claim my prize 2 months before the numbers were actually drawn and I wasn't told about any of this until a month and a half AFTER the deadline, but the draw isn't for another 2 weeks?

Now all I need is a Delorean loaded with a flux capacitor and I can go (BACK TO?) the future, ensure my numbers were drawn, then go back to Sept 29th and send in a claim for my prize...

You think I could sue this Mr Collins Smith guy?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Thoughts on Politics as a "Career"

Now that a federal election is imminent, I keep thinking about an idea I had a while back regarding the seemingly constant problems with corrupt politicians.

I don't think anyone should choose to run for office....I think it should be like jury duty. Every 4 years, a random selection is made in each riding of potential candidates (like potential jurors...!). Administrative representatives from each party choose from those available (like jury selection). These are the people who will run in the election for each party. One way to be disqualified is to have shown any interest at all in RUNNING for political office. Nor can you be a lawyer or an accountant. Perhaps a basic personality and intelligence test...though, to some, that may sound elitist.

You can only serve a maximum of 8 years (two terms). Your 2nd four years is voluntary. No one is eligible for a Senate position (in fact, the Senate would be abolished).

From within the candidates of each party selected to run in an election, someone is chosen to be the PM (no convention, only those selected to run can choose their "leader").

Also, after every election, the Deputy Ministers of every federal department are reviewed, exhaustively. This will weed out the corrupt ones, hopefully. This is done by ALL the people elected, regardless of the governing party.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cultural Mosaic, my ass

Fred's (Fred On Everything) latest column hits the nail right on the head. Oh, the left wingies will wring their hands at him and call him nasty things like racist and redneck, but what they can't successfully do is refute his arguments. Go on..if you be a left wingnut, I dare ya. Refute them with FACTS...not with pie-in-the-sky, holding-hands-across-the-nation opinions on what you think SHOULD happen, and SHOULD be, but actual, irrefutable facts.

The question: can a society live in harmony when a part of that society has morals and values fundamentally different from the other parts?

Second question: Does throwing money at issues really solve anything?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Riots in France

The first fatality was recorded in the ongoing riots in France that has begun to spread to other parts of the country.

Typical for a politician in France, President Chirac, finally made some public comments - 11 DAYS AFTER THIS ALL STARTED!

“The law must have the last word,” Chirac said after a security meeting with top ministers. France is determined “to be stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear, and they will be arrested, judged and punished.”

Man, that must have the rioters in a state of panic.

Of course, now that there has been a fatality, it is only a matter of time before France surrenders.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What is your blog worth - and I'm going to Hell!

Thanks to BigBuddhaPuppy for the links:

Cool! Now, if only this were real money!

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?


Hmmm...4th Level of Hell...

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Fourth Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Extreme
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Extreme
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very High

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test


My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Shuriken of Desirable Mindfulness.

Get yours.

Boy, if I was a terrorist...

The headline screams racism: Sikh's sword not welcome on VIA train. How terrible! I mean, goodness, nothing's more important than a person's religion. Not public safety, not human lives...NOTHING. What kind of barbarians stop some guy from carrying a sword onto public transportation! The humanity of it all.

Fer crissakes, I can see the voracious lawyers circling this issue like sharks. Someone's religious beliefs were insulted. Of course, if I were a terrorist, I would be watching this case with interest. 'cause if I wanted to hi-jack a plane or kill a whack of people on a train, all I would need to do in the future is dress up like a Sikh, replete with ceremonial sword.

Frankly, I think I will start a religion in which everyone has to walk around naked and carrying a loaded AK-47. Hey, it's my religion, you can't stop me!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Let's start Googlebombing Paul Martin

If you type "failure" or "miserable failure" into Google, a Whitehouse biography of George W. Bush appears as the top search result. This is due to a googlebombing effort started by George Johnston on his Old Fashioned Patriot blog back in 2003.

I think we should do something similar to Paul Martin, Canada's dithering fool of a Prime Minister. There...see I just did it!

Let's get everyone to link to:
with the words "dithering fool".

Just type, or cut-and-paste

<a href="" >dithering fool</a>

into a web page and it will look like dithering fool.

Have fun!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Protect the Mediocre

The older you get, the mostly wiser. Well, some of us anyways. This isn't some cliché, like some old-wives tale, it's actually quite true. As you age, you begin to see more and more of the larger picture...if you are smart enough.

Everyone knows a 40-something who has never aged....I don't mean that in a physical sense, but in a mental one. They haven't grown past their own adolescence and are thus some pathetic excuse for an adult. Many of these become staunch union supporters and/or have some turgid opinions on "how-things-should-be". These are the people who believe that a company owes its employees something. These are the people who believe that blacks in the US should get reparations from white people whose distant ancestors owned slaves. That a 6-year old boy who pointed his finger like a gun while playing cops-and-robbers in the school yard should be suspended for a week or more.

Their excuses for these kinds of beliefs are simple: they are doing it to protect us. In Chile, one can get on a double-decker tour bus, sit on the top deck, that has no roof, enjoy a live latin band and quaff some alcoholic drinks. Think that can happen here or in the US? Not likely. The Nanny-state is in full gear...for our protection.

Unions are a prime example of an institution that, for the most part, allows adults to NOT think for themselves. No matter how incompetent or recalcitrant or lazy or shiftless, the union will support your RIGHT to work...which in turn means a company's or government's requirement to retain the useless. Unions protect the mediocre. Forget their claims of ensuring safety and good working conditions...these are tertiary concerns...they make for great PR. No, they ensure that the essentially useless can maintain employment through no effort of their own.

What would happen if we, as a society, turned our backs on the nanny-state and told everyone that you have to be able to perform to be successful. That you HAVE to have legitimate schooling and bell curve to account for your socio-economic status or colour of your skin....but simple talent, drive, intelligence, and ambition. Would that be such a bad thing?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Something's coming...

Using blogs and RSS feeds as news sources, with newspapers and television news supplementary to them, gives one a perspective on underlying sociological currents that would be missed if one solely watched TV or read newspapers. Using the Internet to cross-reference and research world events has become something of a past-time for me, and something I do quite regularly.

All of that to say that what I have seen of world events recently is incredibly disturbing. Forget natural disasters for a moment…these will simply be a catalyst for fundamental and world-shattering change.

The War on Terror has allowed the US government to bring about the beginnings of a police state. In New York, subway passengers are routinely searched (something like 1 out of every 5) for their protection. Of course, the belief is that Americans need protecting from external forces (re: islamic terrorists…or whatever the politically-correct terminology is this week). How soon, do you think, will there be a move to begin protecting Americans from more internal threats…and let’s be honest, more tangible?

This is where cross-referencing comes in handy, and paints a disturbing, bleak picture. Think of the War on Terror and the beginnings of a police state, then couple that with the images of looting and pillaging that took place in New Orleans and other areas affected by Katrina. How long will it take the government, if ever, to address the internal threat. I am not saying this to incite hatred, or something equally puerile. I am merely pointing out that the average American, white or black, has more to fear from a young, black man than an Arab. The statistics don’t lie. See the FBI numbers here.

Leighton Levy, a columnist from the Jamaica Star newspaper, has posted an article entitled “The dark side of black people”. In it, he opines that there is seems to be something fundamentally wrong and “…that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.” Leighton Levy is black.

Even the most liberal and soft-hearted (soft-headed?) amongst us, unless they are lying hypocrites, must acknowledge that there appears to be a severe problem brewing in the US. How many scenes of looting have we witnessed over the last few decades? How many of the looters were not black?

I don’t believe this disdain for morals is a racial thing, since there are, of course, many law-abiding and morally-upright blacks (as well as white criminals, of course). So what is it? If it isn’t racial, is it cultural? I don’t know…but we are quickly getting to the stage in which the reasons are totally irrelevant. Because at some point, someone will fight back. The Turner Diaries…a totally atrocious book, filled with abhorrent racial stereotypes (about whites and blacks)…seems more prophetic as the years go on.

The US federal government has for decades tried to assimilate blacks into the country without apparent success: quotas in university and in the workforce haven’t helped; lowering standards for minority job applicants hasn’t helped; nothing seems to work. So what is the solution?

Fred Reed, over on wrote an article about the rioting in New Orleans. Some forum members over at the Augusta Chronicle have been commenting on the article. One member, going by the name Synergy writes:

Goldman and Fred Reed are both racists. The looting in New Orleans is
related to socio-economic status. If anything, blacks are more patient than
whites in waiting for change. A large proportion of blacks hold tightly to their
spiritual values and exhibit brotherly love. It is violent whites who seek to
put them down by force. Whites did the same to slave uprisings. Racists look for
every excuse to use organized violence against minorities to reinforce their
deservedly tenuous, unearned priviledged position in society which they claim by
merely being born white. Keep up the race baiting and you will get what you want
Goldman - a racial war - just like Bush got what he wanted by invading Iraq - a
holy war with the entire Muslim world. Neither scenario will be pretty or likely
to end up as you think it will. You are playing with fire, honkey!

Honkey (sic)? What Synergy fails to realize is that if a race war were to happen, it wouldn't play out as he seems to think. Blacks make up less than 12% of the US population. It wouldn't be much of a war.

Of course, there were some idiotic comments on the other side of the issue. I just had to post his because of the word "honkey" (sic). Too funny.

I don't know why this happened, and at this point, I think the reasons may be irrelevant. Something has to change, and soon...because where the US goes, the rest of the world follows.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Financial Institutions suck

I can't believe how long it takes to cash out some RRSPs. I mean, in today's computer age, this should take minutes, not freakin' days!

Financial institutions...banks, investment firms, insurance companies...are all taking us for granted. They don't need to offer better and more efficient service since we expect to get when we do, we aren't surprised.

It's been 7 days since I requested to withdraw some of my RRSPs...and bupkis. Nada. Still waiting for it to be deposited? Why is that? What the fuck is the delay?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Wow...the Leafs will win the Cup for sure now!

Wow. Eric Lindros in a Toronto Maple Leaves (sic...well...actually there's no such word as Leafs...but let's not quibble) uniform. GET THE PARADE ROUTE ready! I am sure that the Leaf Nation will be all a-quiver with heady anticipation.

I mean...the Big E AND Jason Allison!? How can they lose now? Stanley Cup for sure. Of course, if the Big E scratches his head to hard and gets a concussion, or Allison hurts himself putting his equipment on, then, you know...the Leaves will be in trouble...barring that though...CUP!

Insider stock tip: maybe invest in the drug company that makes Geritol...TO and Detroit should have a big rush on the pharmacies anytime now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Western Separation

Interesting story today regarding the possibility of Western Separation. Seems to me that the metrosexuals and cultural elites of Toronto, you know, those idiots who consistently vote Liberal in spite of that party's overwhelming corruption, would be more concerned with Quebec separation than losing the "rednecks in Alberta". Problem is, Alberta is a have province whereas Quebec isn't.

Losing Quebec would mean saving billions of dollars a year in transfer payments and federal government programs and projects that are more bribes than things necessary for the smooth running of the public service. Couple that with scrapping the billion-dollar a year boondoggle that is Official Languages, and the savings would be incredible.

Losing Alberta, on the other hand (and B.C. I guess) would be economically devastating.

Hey, if Quebec wants to separate, do you think we could convince them to take Newfoundland with them. Two of the biggest have-not provinces in confederation gone? Sweet.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Strange First Day

Okay...first day as a consultant. Odd to say the least. Forgot about everything I had heard about how tightly controlled a government employee's outside-world-access is. You can't install ANYTHING on the PC (none o' my cool programming tools). You can't even use MSN Messenger (okay...some might say that's a good thing, but I like it so bite me).

Tried to access gmail, but as this service uses active x, and that's been turned off, no can do. I can't modify the Internet security settings to turn ActiveX back on either. In fact, I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE PERMISSIONS TO CHANGE THE FREAKIN' DATE AND TIME.

Somewhere, some anal retentive, desperate for power mid-level bureaucratic manager decided to lock everything down. I think his theory was if his life sucked, so will everyone elses'.


Monday, June 27, 2005


I haven't posted in a while...I have been extremely busy. And, besides, my heart just wasn't into it. Below may give you some indication as to why:

Heart of Ice

Unforgettable journey,

Without destination or purpose.

Flotsam upon a tide of reality.

Grasping for hope and love

With fevered grip and wild eyes.

Heart of ice, empty soul

Without destination or purpose,

waiting for the end.



There was a time once in my life,

I dreamt of things to come.

A simple wish of true love’s touch,

before my time was done.

A childish hope, a trance of fools,

played out upon a stage,

of dancing dreams and wishful thoughts

Left broken as I age.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

I just had the misfortune of sitting through almost 2 hours of one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This movie was crap on so many levels, I have no clue where to begin to dissect it.

Okay, let's start with the music...from the BBC radio show, to the mini-series, the music has been consistent...when you hear it, you KNOW it is the Hitchhiker's Guide. Except for a brief cameo here, the music that many identify with HGTTG is sadly missing.

The character of Zaphod, cool and stupid in the radio show and the mini-series, is presented here with a WESTERN accent(!?!) as cruel and prone to violence. The actor portraying him (I won't give him ink, virtual as it is, by naming him) is terrible.

Ford Prefect is played with a lack of deftness my Mo Def (sic?). He is out of his element, and his characterization of Ford is pathetic.

The direction is haphazard and the entire film needs constant rimshots to tell us when something was supposed to be funny.

Ony Alan Rickman's voice portrayal of Marvin, and Zooey Deschanel's performance as Trillian (inexplicably, another American accent...I mean, a British book rife with British humour, and three of the four main characters sound American...go figure) are worthy of any mention. (Okay. maybe Bill Nighy's Slartibartfast too).

Major plot changes from the book turn this to HGTTG in name only.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I hate to say it, but I TOLD you so

Back on May 31, 2004, when Canada was suffering through another election, I posted an article entitled: Morons should not be allowed to vote. In it, I opined that people with no clue should not be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.

On June 18, 2004, just prior to the vote, I posted another article: Liberals deserve to lose. Basically, I am imploring people to NOT vote Liberal. For God's SAKE don't! Of course, in my post of June 29, after the election, I wrote: The Idiots have spoken. The Liberals, albeit with a minority government, had won.

Throughout my tirade against the Liberals, it has always been that these bastards were the biggest crooks in Canadian political history. Well, I was right. Check out someone else's similar opinion here: Master Crooks. Licia Corbella of the Calgary Sun quotes Yves Lavigne, a journalist, who basically calls the Liberals the largest criminal laundering, extortion, and forgery organization in Canadian history.

What is absolutely frightening is that there are still enough Brain Dead morons out there who still support these bastards! They still have 25% of the popular support! Can you believe it?

I don't care that you might not like the Conservatives' policies on a few issues, for Christ sake you can't seriously be thinking of supporting these criminals again! You can't!

Now, I do believe that there are good people in the Liberal party. These people will, unfortunately, be painted with the same brush as the crooks. It's not fair, but this is, afterall, politics.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Dump Adobe Reader

I don't know about anyone else, but I find Adobe's Acrobat Reader to be a piece of bloated crap. I mean, the thing, installed, is like 40 Mb! And for what, so you can READ a PDF file.

I downloaded an application called Foxit PDF Reader. The program takes up, unzip, 1.7 Mb or so. That's it. One exe file, and two tiny dlls (and a couple of small text files). The thing opens even the largest PDF file in seconds and takes no time to load up.

Just uninstall Adobe and load it. I have yet to find a problem with it. Enjoy.

Oh yeah...the Liberals suck and should be charged with countless crimes. Turf 'em next election. Please.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Well, it seems the wonderslobs over at Burger King, ever tuned in to the pysche of North Americans, have introduced "The Enormous Omelet Sandwich". It has "...two eggs, sausage, three strips of bacon and two slices of melted cheese on a bun -- is 730 calories and 47 grams of fat."

According to Burger King's spokesman, chief global marketing officer, Russ Klein:

"By expanding our indulgent breakfast sandwich menu, Burger King restaurants now offer even more alternatives for our guests who want a convenient and filling breakfast."

If the powers-that-be, especially here in Canada where we live in a perpetual nanny-state, can tax the shit out of a pack of smokes and claim it is for "health reasons" (the idea, I guess, is that most of the tax money will go to the health care system when heavy smokers go in for cancer treatments), then why isn't there a hefty fucking tax on fast food? Not just at restaurants, but even at grocery stores. If I want to buy a bag of extra-fatty Pork Rinds, then by God, I should pay for it with more than my health.

Now, I am far from a health nut. No granola-eating, hemp wearing, vegetarian moi! But even I can see the stupidity of actually consuming one of these artery hardeners.

The government should tax every fast food company for "inventing" such a sandwich, and then tax every food item over a certain fat level (and caloric level?). I mean, it would depend on the size of the portion, of course, but it certainly can and should be done.

On the same note, if you weigh 400 pounds, I have no qualms about airlines charging you for 2 seats, or for stopping you from boarding a plane at all.

Most of the people who are obese are most certainly not that way because of some glandular condition....unless the mouth is a gland. I lost 62 pounds in 3.5 months! Just by eating correctly (following the Dr. Bernstein diet plan). I don't exercise.

Universal health care will only work if people stop doing stupid things like eating a 730 calorie (47 g of fat) sandwich.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

NHL Teams and their Fans

Huh..what a surprise! An NHL team is apologising to its fans! The owners of the Detroit Red Wings took a full page ad out to tell fans they were "extremely sorry" that they didn't play this year. They then go on to thank their fans for their loyalty. Does that sound like an attempt to gain back fans? Does to me.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 can get fired for having sex!

Can you believe this story? Harry Stonecipher, CEO of Boeing, "resigns" because the company found out he was having an affair with a female executive. Found out because someone in the company was able to access their emails. You can read about it in this Globe and Mail article or in this article from the Chicago Tribune.

In a nutshell, this guy has been having an affair with this woman since January. She didn't report to him, he didn't help her career. The company has no knowledge of whether or not they had sex on company property (whether an office or a jet). In fact, their internal investigation showed that there was no detrimental effect on the company whatsoever.

A quote from the Chicago Tribune article:

Certain aspects of the affair "reflected poorly on Harry's judgement and would impair his ability to lead the company going forward," said Lewis Platt, Boeing's board chairman, during a conference call this morning. "It was a judgment call about a violation of the code of conduct."
But in the Globe article, it states:

And now, even though Boeing acknowledges he didn't violate the ethics code, it isn't taking chances. "There were just some issues of poor conduct and judgment that we believe would impair his ability to lead," a spokesman said.
So...if there was no violation of the code of ethics...then what was the rationale behind the firing?

Frankly, I find the way it was discovered to be a greater ethical violation. Someone accessed their private emails and snitched them out (betcha it was a born-again, Bible-thumping puritanical, mind-everyone-else's-business Christian...just a hunch, but I betcha). I'd fire that person first.

As an aside:

It's funny that this kind of puritanical thinking happens in Muslim countries too. The US and Islamic countries...two-sides of the same coin. Ironic, eh?

'Course, the number of people killed by Islamic "terrorists" is nowhere near the number killed in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but hey, they don't have nukes, so it will take 'em longer to catch up.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Idiot Politicians in Quebec

Jean Charest, the soon-to-be erstwhile Quebec Premier (though, in French, the position is actually referred to as the Premiere Ministre...sans accents...roughly translated "Prime Minister...what do you expect from a province that refers to it's capital city as "Capital nationale" or some such?), wants Quebec to have a more prominent role, alongside the federal govenment in international treaties. (see this article)

One of his reasons is:

"We want to protect our cultural heritage," said Charest, pointing out that the French minority in North America had to be preserved. "We are the example of what is at stake."

My take on this is as follows....if a culture/language needs to be protected through government legisation and enforced (and compulsory) education , then how viable is it really?

Could you imagine this same mentality existing a couple of thousand years ago...we would all be wearing togas and speaking latin.

Cultures and languages change and actually disappear. This is part of a sociological evolution that has been going on since Mankind got booted out of the trees by the much stronger apes who remained there. However, in the past several decades, cultures have not been allowed to evolve much. Governments, intent on protecting culture, bring in legislation that actually cause stagnation.

Not just governments, but corporations (especially media-related) are also prime culprits in this stagnation. Music, for instance...when my 18 year old son can listen to a song from 1974 and actually LIKE it, then something is wrong. Popular music hasn't changed all that much in more than THIRTY (30) freakin' years. Think that has to do with tastes or with record labels?

I live in Quebec and I can't help but think that if this province once again threatens to separate, the rest-of-the-country should just call their bluff and boot them the fuck out. See how easy it would be to protect their culture and language when they are surrounded by 200 million + anglophones. Unless you think Canada would be stupid enough to continue the expensive "official bilingualism" project.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Time for a Tax Revolt

The federal budget just came down yesterday, and surprisingly Opposition leader Stephen Harper applauded it as fiscally conservative. Jesus. Since when does increased spending for arts and culture, and more money thrown at non-existent programs (but don't worry, they will exist shortly) mean "fiscally conservative"?

The government sits on a huge EI surplus (to the amount that they could cut a $1000 cheque for every Canadian and still pay for of all of their programs) and nobody is getting pissed. They "cut" taxes to the point that by 2006 the average Canadian will save 62 cents a week. That's right folks, a whopping 62 cents a week. Big fucking deal.

The fact that Harper just stood there is an indication that the Conservative party is a joke, and Harper an even bigger one. Just step the fuck down, ya waffle. I could be a better opposition leader than least I wouldn't compromise my beliefs and ideals.

It's about time we told the federal and provincial and municipal money grabbers to fuck right off. No more taxes until the governments become more fiscally responsible. No more money for arts and culture, no more money for fringe groups and special interest groups. No more money for questionable government programs that are more about appearances than actual practicality.

But, of course, as limp-dicked Canadians, we don't dare rock the boat. Even though we pay more than half of our income in taxes (income tax, sales tax, property tax, GST) we stand there and take it. How sad.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wal-Mart and Unionization

I have been following some interesting crap regarding this whole Wal-Mart union-busting thing going on in Quebec (read about it here).

Seems the province, as well as the left-wingnuts throughout the country, have their panties in a knot because some corporate demon decided to close an unprofitable store rather than allowing it to be unionized. Sniff. Quebec has the highest rate of unionization in the fact of all North American jurisdictions. The fact that it is also one of the worst economies has failed to register with the "unions-are-always-right" crowd (as evidenced by the pundits at places like Peace, Order, and Good Government, eh.) What these liberal types fail to realize (and let's face it, they probably side with the players not the owners in the NHL mess) is that a business has the right to do business as they see fit. If they don't want to deal with a union, then they can close up shop. Call it a "corporate-strike". Instead of labour fighting back, we have a corporation standing up to the evils of white-collar unionization.

The blogger over at Verisimilitude has it correct when he asks:

I too am baffled at the utter inability of these people to connect the dots
between Quebec's labour laws and Wal-Mart's actions. When your laws stack the
deck in favour of labour unions, is it really all that surprising if a business
decides it just doesn't want to deal with the hassle? When your goal is to have
no non-unionized businesses in your province, why kick and scream when you get
exactly what you wanted? Isn't Wal-Mart doing exactly what one would expect? If
the employees can go on strike, why can't the employer?

I live in Quebec and I see, on a daily basis, the result of unchecked unionization. This province's economy is in the shitter and has no way of getting out short of another social upheaval. Civil war anyone?

Gay Marriage issue...again

Seems some woman, an American citizen who has been living in London, Ontario for 33 years, married to a Canadian, is incensed that Canada is proposing legalizing same-sex marriages.

Ellen Wyman says,

"The United States is the great nation it is because of its moral code. Canada
isn't even considered a Christian nation anymore and they seem OK with that.
It's more of a melting pot. That doesn't make any sense to me."

The Unites States moral code? What moral code? The US is the most fucked-up nation on Earth, if you look at morals and morals alone. What a typically stupid 'merkan statement. Moral code. Yeesh.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The End of the NHL?

Back in November 2004, I wrote a post that detailed my ambivalence towards sports in general and hockey specifically. It appears that sportswriters are finally catching up.

In an article entitled "Fans' TV habits to change", the Toronto Sun's sportswriter Lance Hornsby opines that it is the growing fan ambivalence that will signal the end of the league. He quotes Ken Dryden, ex-goaltender with the Montreal Canadians and now Federal Minister for Social Development (whatever that is), who said:

I think that there are a number of fans in this country who have sensed over the last number of months that actually maybe it was more habit than it was passion

He goes on to say,

You never want to give a fan a chance to find out whether it was passion or habit

Last November, I wrote,

Sports in general, and hockey specifically, have to learn a harsh lesson. MOST of us are smart enough not to make watching a sport the sole purpose in our lives....or even a driving force.

See...habit over passion. Dryden puts it more eloquently than I did, but the implications to professional sports, especially the NHL, are the same.

When, and IF, the NHL ever resumes, you can bet the owners and players will finally turn their oh so expensive attentions towards the fans. Ticket prices will have to be slashed, because who in their right-mind would pay the same or more after what the league and the players have done?

Of course, there will always be that core group of no-minds who will spend hundreds of dollars regardless of how they have been treated by the organization they support with their money. These people are morons undeserving of respect.

NHL...good riddance. Next up....Baseball.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Sherry Enema Kills Man

Okay...if that headline doesn't grab you, then nothing will. Sherry Enema Kills Man is an actual headline. Seems some guy died of massive alcohol poisoning after his wife gave him an enema with sherry. When he died, his blood-alcohol level was .47. For those who don't know, you lose your license at about .08.

Now, this guy apparently had all sorts of stomach problems, which meant he couldn't drink booze. Searching the web, it seems this guy used to get regular WINE enemas from his wife so he could get his alcohol fix without actually, well, drinking. Authorities claim she gave him the sherry enema because she knew it would kill him (she used two, 1.5 litre bottles).

The question that no one seems to be asking is: an enema? This guy let his wife give him an enema...sherry-filled or not, that's pretty, um....ick.

If this guy goes to heaven, you know he's going to be ribbed about it. All the other souls would definitely be snickering at this guy. I mean, what a way to go. Having alcohol hosed up your ass.

Do we really care that someone like that is dead? Yeesh.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Modified Logo

New version. Black instead of grey. I think it offers a better level of intensity.

If anyone would like a logo for their blog and/or website, please get in touch with me. I love doing this sort of thing.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Angry Penguin logo

The World Peace, Angry Penguin, and Miracles logo. Designed and created by me! Cool, huh?

What do ya think? Let me know! I guess I should also name him/her/it. Any ideas?

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Abortion = Murder

Most people are, or seem to be, ambivalent when it comes to the issue of abortion. Oh, they may have opinions one way or the other, but they don't actually DO anything about it. In 2001, there was a case against one Dr. Biskind (an abortionist) who was accused of letting his patient die. The woman went in for an abortion at about the 27th week (almost 7 months into the pregnancy). She died when the broken bone of the fetus could have ripped a hole in the patient's uterus as the doctor pulled it out. Also, the metal tool used to break the bone of the fetus and crush it's skull could have cut into the uterine wound. The patient bled to death.

Breaking the leg bone? Crushing the skull? Jesus.

Sorry, you can make pro-abortion claims all you want...oh, the woman was raped, the mother is in danger. Let's be honest, few abortions are as a result of these kinds of situations.

Let's remove the emotion from the issue (and religion). We don't know when life begins...correct? So, let's say we assume it begins at the very moment of conception. If we ban all abortions and find out 100 years from now that whatever constitutes life actually begins at the moment the fetus takes its first breath outside of the mother's womb (up until that point it was simply some animated parasite), what is the worse thing we have done? Well, we have forced women to have babies they were unwilling to have. Perhaps increasing the number of unwanted and abused children, etc.

Now, let's reverse the scenario. Let's say we assume life begins at the moment the fetus takes that first breath, so we allow abortions. Then, 100 years from now, we find out that life begins at the moment of conception. Now, what is the worse thing we have done: we have killed babies.

Logic 1-0-1 would suggest we err on the side of the former, not the latter. It's worse to kill babies than force women to bear children. That's my opinion. No emotion, no religion, just plain fucking logic.

I have presented that argument to some staunch pro-abortionist, feminist types. They tried to bypass the logic, they tried to worm out of the possibility that they could, in fact, be killing babies.

Sorry, I have seen and heard of some evil fucking things in my life, but nothing surpasses the pro-abortionists disinterest in exploring the possibility that they may be wrong in their thinking.

Pro-abortionists seem quick to ask how someone could be anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment, as if the two things are equal. They also question the anti-abortionists ruthless tactics of blowing up clinics and killing abortionists. Two separate issues:

1. Killing a child is not the same as killing some piece of crap killer. Not even close, so shut the fuck up.

2. These anti-abortionists believe in their souls that these aborted fetuses are, in fact, children. Helpless babies. If you saw some guy hacking babies to death with a machete, and the only way you could stop him would be to shoot him, wouldn't you do it? These people, right or wrong, are not committing a crime, in their minds. They are fighting a war.

Woman's right to choose my ass.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Day After Tomorrow

I know, I'm a little behind the times. Finally saw "The Day After Tomorrow". Apropos considering I'm sitting at home with yet another "meteorlogical alert" flashing red across my screen on the Weather Network. Freezing rain, 'natch. Coupled with the whole tsunami disaster in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India was a report that large, lawn-size patches of grass are appearing in Antarctica. Jesus. I know the movie was fictional, but you have to admit the weather has been a little freakin' weird the past couple of years, and getting weirder by the day.

Oddly enough, the only part of the movie I found too unbelievable was when the Americans get stopped at the border to Mexico....and the US gov't has to ask permission to evacuate their people there. Huhuh? Don't think so. It would be like "Okay, Juan...take a hike. This here is our country now."