Friday, November 26, 2010

Stupidity increasing....

So many idiots, too few bullets...

Mike Huckabee, who used to be the governor of Arkansas is an evangelical Christian fundamentalist, and a creationist. He supported teaching creationism in schools. He's a possible contender to lead the Republicans in the next Presidential election. As is Sarah Palin, who is also a creationist and who, according to her new book, wants to blur the line between church and state.

This is frightening, but not wholly unexpected. Stupidity has become the driving force behind the American economy. Everything that has happened, from the meltdown of the economy to the invasion of Iraq, can be attributed to stupidity.

The US government likes to talk of "rogue states" - Iran and North Korea, for instance. However, given the current trend towards becoming a nation of fucking retards, the US frightens me more than they do. I don't fear an attack by Iranian soldiers - but I do fear one from some dumbass 'merican president.

George Bush was and is the poster child for dumbassery. Yet he was a 2-term President. Fox News is nothing more than a bunch of douchebags constantly pushing the stupidity button of the nation in order to bump their ratings - nothing more. And the slack-jawed tune in with extraordinary attention - drooling with blank-eyed stares at the appropriately named idiot box - constantly on guard for any hint of terrorism in their suburban neighbourhoods. They sit there and spout creationist garbage with a straight face...absurd. I am not an evolutionist, in that I don't subscribe fervently to the idea we are simply descended from single-cell organisms. But I don't, for a minute, believe the Earth was created in 6 fucking days.