Thursday, August 05, 2010

This is a University student?

Okay, so some University student with the unfortunate last name of Wiener (Jesus, there are some names that, even if they have some storied history, I would definitely change...for instance, if my last name was Sukcoc, I think I would change the freakin' thing regardless of my ancestors' great accomplishments. Anyways, I digress). So, Kevin Wiener is pissed at an Auto Reform law that he says discriminates against young people. Whatever. He ignores the fact that most young males between 17-25 are moronic drivers, even when sober. But again...whatever.

The real story, in my opinion, is this Queens University graduate who has gone over to the Unversity of Western Ontario's prestigious Ivey School of Business actually said "irregardless" in an interview. You would think after years of high school and post-secondary education, he would have learned that "irregardless" isn't a freakin' word.

So, Kevin Wiener...on the off chance that you ever read this - might I suggest a few courses in the English language.