Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cars, Drugs, and Weapons

I wonder what kind of person can work for a car manufacturer, pharmaceutical corporation, or a company that makes weapons? How can they get up in the mornings and look at themselves in the mirror? Can people be that immoral?


No way in hell are cars made as good as they can be made. Even if you buy into the argument that they make them so they are affordable, they still could be made better for the same price. No WAY these guys design cars to last more than 5 years. The economy...especially in 'Merica...couldn't survive without the relatively disposable vehicles that spew out of the auto industry. If people kept their cars for 10 years, GM et al would be in more trouble than they currently are.

On a related side-note, what numbnuts decided that after I spray my window with windshield washer fluid, I would need to have the wipers come on automatically for 3 cycles, then wait a second or two, and then run once more?? The manual says it's a convenience thing to stop drips. What a load of crap! There are no drips when you driving in cold, sloppy weather doing 110kph (60mph approximately). What ends up happening is the window looks great, then after 2 seconds, that other "swipe" ends up streaking the shit out of the windshield. Nice job, engineers.

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Hands up everyone who thinks that a pharmaceutical company (PC) is actively looking for a cure for cancer, AIDs, diabetes, the cold...anything. Okay, everyone who has a hand in the air is an idiot. Leave now. PCs, again, especially in the US, are about treating illnesses. The shareholders will NEVER accept a cure for anything. If they could, they would go back in time and undo the polio vaccine. So, if you are hoping that they can save your young child from leukemia, or that some medical breakthrough will cure your aged parent from alzheimers, don't hold your breath. As sad, and as cruel and cynical, as it may sound, there is no WAY a company with a bottom line as its sole priority will come up with a cure for shit.

Weapons Manufacturers

Really. Do I have to even explain this one? Everyone who works for a company making weapons for general non-military consumption - go home and take lots of pills. You people suck, and the world would be better off without you in it. Even those who make weapons for the military...how many "allies" do you sell your weapons to? How many end up in the hands of the very people you are fighting. Seriously...suicide is an option for you. Please. Before you breed and instill the same sense of abhorrent immorality into your crotchfruit.