Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random thoughts about Bananas and hair curlers, et al.

I had always wondered about the bananas and the trench coats of opportunity foisted upon humankind without the benefit of clothespins or tater tots. Notwithstanding the confusion that arises when benevolent hair curlers are lost in the miasma of idyllic hip hop, or festooned with the colourful branches that swooned from the trunks of compact cars, the great unwashed occasionally rise above the panderings of chimpanzees and find themselves the sole occupants of deflated dirigibles.

Outside, the plaid is covered in homesick pancakes, and only the trumpet sees the truth in trampolines.

That's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IE8 Beta 2 - GUI issues

Once again, MS, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant in the browser market, has been hammering out the new iteration of Internet Explorer: Version 8. Here's a screenshot of what it currently looks like:

You will note some pain in the ass features. First, take a look at the address bar - only is highlighted. Actually, the rest of the address is "de-highlighted" in that it is set to a dull, pale gray. This is called "domain highlighting" and it's supposed to give users the ability to more readily identify spoofed addresses. Whatever. Next, note the "Favorites" button on the tab line. This gets put there when you choose to not display the "Favorites bar" (when you right-click somewhere in the bar area, a menu appears with checks beside the menus you have chosen to display. In this example, I have turned OFF the favorites bar). Why is the button on the same line as the tabs? I have no idea, but there is NO WAY to move it. Look where the menu bar is (the one with File/Edit/View, etc.) and the Home and Print buttons. Like IE7, there is no way short of installing an addon called IE7Pro can you move these.

Here is what I want the IE8 interface to look like:

Note how clean this looks. How very little real estate is taken up by crap. If you want, you can even hide the Menu bar at top, if you so desire.