Thursday, February 24, 2005

Time for a Tax Revolt

The federal budget just came down yesterday, and surprisingly Opposition leader Stephen Harper applauded it as fiscally conservative. Jesus. Since when does increased spending for arts and culture, and more money thrown at non-existent programs (but don't worry, they will exist shortly) mean "fiscally conservative"?

The government sits on a huge EI surplus (to the amount that they could cut a $1000 cheque for every Canadian and still pay for of all of their programs) and nobody is getting pissed. They "cut" taxes to the point that by 2006 the average Canadian will save 62 cents a week. That's right folks, a whopping 62 cents a week. Big fucking deal.

The fact that Harper just stood there is an indication that the Conservative party is a joke, and Harper an even bigger one. Just step the fuck down, ya waffle. I could be a better opposition leader than least I wouldn't compromise my beliefs and ideals.

It's about time we told the federal and provincial and municipal money grabbers to fuck right off. No more taxes until the governments become more fiscally responsible. No more money for arts and culture, no more money for fringe groups and special interest groups. No more money for questionable government programs that are more about appearances than actual practicality.

But, of course, as limp-dicked Canadians, we don't dare rock the boat. Even though we pay more than half of our income in taxes (income tax, sales tax, property tax, GST) we stand there and take it. How sad.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wal-Mart and Unionization

I have been following some interesting crap regarding this whole Wal-Mart union-busting thing going on in Quebec (read about it here).

Seems the province, as well as the left-wingnuts throughout the country, have their panties in a knot because some corporate demon decided to close an unprofitable store rather than allowing it to be unionized. Sniff. Quebec has the highest rate of unionization in the fact of all North American jurisdictions. The fact that it is also one of the worst economies has failed to register with the "unions-are-always-right" crowd (as evidenced by the pundits at places like Peace, Order, and Good Government, eh.) What these liberal types fail to realize (and let's face it, they probably side with the players not the owners in the NHL mess) is that a business has the right to do business as they see fit. If they don't want to deal with a union, then they can close up shop. Call it a "corporate-strike". Instead of labour fighting back, we have a corporation standing up to the evils of white-collar unionization.

The blogger over at Verisimilitude has it correct when he asks:

I too am baffled at the utter inability of these people to connect the dots
between Quebec's labour laws and Wal-Mart's actions. When your laws stack the
deck in favour of labour unions, is it really all that surprising if a business
decides it just doesn't want to deal with the hassle? When your goal is to have
no non-unionized businesses in your province, why kick and scream when you get
exactly what you wanted? Isn't Wal-Mart doing exactly what one would expect? If
the employees can go on strike, why can't the employer?

I live in Quebec and I see, on a daily basis, the result of unchecked unionization. This province's economy is in the shitter and has no way of getting out short of another social upheaval. Civil war anyone?

Gay Marriage issue...again

Seems some woman, an American citizen who has been living in London, Ontario for 33 years, married to a Canadian, is incensed that Canada is proposing legalizing same-sex marriages.

Ellen Wyman says,

"The United States is the great nation it is because of its moral code. Canada
isn't even considered a Christian nation anymore and they seem OK with that.
It's more of a melting pot. That doesn't make any sense to me."

The Unites States moral code? What moral code? The US is the most fucked-up nation on Earth, if you look at morals and morals alone. What a typically stupid 'merkan statement. Moral code. Yeesh.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The End of the NHL?

Back in November 2004, I wrote a post that detailed my ambivalence towards sports in general and hockey specifically. It appears that sportswriters are finally catching up.

In an article entitled "Fans' TV habits to change", the Toronto Sun's sportswriter Lance Hornsby opines that it is the growing fan ambivalence that will signal the end of the league. He quotes Ken Dryden, ex-goaltender with the Montreal Canadians and now Federal Minister for Social Development (whatever that is), who said:

I think that there are a number of fans in this country who have sensed over the last number of months that actually maybe it was more habit than it was passion

He goes on to say,

You never want to give a fan a chance to find out whether it was passion or habit

Last November, I wrote,

Sports in general, and hockey specifically, have to learn a harsh lesson. MOST of us are smart enough not to make watching a sport the sole purpose in our lives....or even a driving force.

See...habit over passion. Dryden puts it more eloquently than I did, but the implications to professional sports, especially the NHL, are the same.

When, and IF, the NHL ever resumes, you can bet the owners and players will finally turn their oh so expensive attentions towards the fans. Ticket prices will have to be slashed, because who in their right-mind would pay the same or more after what the league and the players have done?

Of course, there will always be that core group of no-minds who will spend hundreds of dollars regardless of how they have been treated by the organization they support with their money. These people are morons undeserving of respect.

NHL...good riddance. Next up....Baseball.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Sherry Enema Kills Man

Okay...if that headline doesn't grab you, then nothing will. Sherry Enema Kills Man is an actual headline. Seems some guy died of massive alcohol poisoning after his wife gave him an enema with sherry. When he died, his blood-alcohol level was .47. For those who don't know, you lose your license at about .08.

Now, this guy apparently had all sorts of stomach problems, which meant he couldn't drink booze. Searching the web, it seems this guy used to get regular WINE enemas from his wife so he could get his alcohol fix without actually, well, drinking. Authorities claim she gave him the sherry enema because she knew it would kill him (she used two, 1.5 litre bottles).

The question that no one seems to be asking is: an enema? This guy let his wife give him an enema...sherry-filled or not, that's pretty, um....ick.

If this guy goes to heaven, you know he's going to be ribbed about it. All the other souls would definitely be snickering at this guy. I mean, what a way to go. Having alcohol hosed up your ass.

Do we really care that someone like that is dead? Yeesh.