Thursday, July 20, 2006


50,000 Canadians are in Lebanon and DEMANDING to be extricated from the situation in which they VOLUNTARILY put themselves and their children. I guarantee that most of the adults, if not all, are life long Liberal voters. You know, the Liberals, who singlehandedly decimated the Canadian Military to the point that we don't even have Navy ships capable of evacuating a hundred people let alone 50,000.

When a ship finally arrived in Beirut, the idiots there realized that only a couple of thousand could be evacuated at the same time. They were "upset" at the "treatment".

Caroline Norah, from Montreal, said Canada provided the worst service to its nationals of any country. The vessel was sweltering, with many people on board vomiting. People were forced to sleep on the floor and no water was provided. There didn't appear to be any medical personnel on board. Several people compared their treatment to that of animals.

A woman wheeling her baby away from the boat in a stroller cried: "C'est l'enfer (It was Hell)." (from the article: First boatload of Canadian evacuees from Lebanon arrives in Cyprus

Now, I don't want to sound callous, but the "Living Hell" was probably better than sitting in a basement with artillary shells dropping all around you. I mean, I have no firsthand experience, but I would think that the threat of being blown up is a little worse than experiencing discomfort while being rescued at TAXPAYERS' EXPENSE, I might add.

I hope this government charges these morons for the cost of the evacuation.