Friday, November 26, 2010

Stupidity increasing....

So many idiots, too few bullets...

Mike Huckabee, who used to be the governor of Arkansas is an evangelical Christian fundamentalist, and a creationist. He supported teaching creationism in schools. He's a possible contender to lead the Republicans in the next Presidential election. As is Sarah Palin, who is also a creationist and who, according to her new book, wants to blur the line between church and state.

This is frightening, but not wholly unexpected. Stupidity has become the driving force behind the American economy. Everything that has happened, from the meltdown of the economy to the invasion of Iraq, can be attributed to stupidity.

The US government likes to talk of "rogue states" - Iran and North Korea, for instance. However, given the current trend towards becoming a nation of fucking retards, the US frightens me more than they do. I don't fear an attack by Iranian soldiers - but I do fear one from some dumbass 'merican president.

George Bush was and is the poster child for dumbassery. Yet he was a 2-term President. Fox News is nothing more than a bunch of douchebags constantly pushing the stupidity button of the nation in order to bump their ratings - nothing more. And the slack-jawed tune in with extraordinary attention - drooling with blank-eyed stares at the appropriately named idiot box - constantly on guard for any hint of terrorism in their suburban neighbourhoods. They sit there and spout creationist garbage with a straight face...absurd. I am not an evolutionist, in that I don't subscribe fervently to the idea we are simply descended from single-cell organisms. But I don't, for a minute, believe the Earth was created in 6 fucking days.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

This is a University student?

Okay, so some University student with the unfortunate last name of Wiener (Jesus, there are some names that, even if they have some storied history, I would definitely change...for instance, if my last name was Sukcoc, I think I would change the freakin' thing regardless of my ancestors' great accomplishments. Anyways, I digress). So, Kevin Wiener is pissed at an Auto Reform law that he says discriminates against young people. Whatever. He ignores the fact that most young males between 17-25 are moronic drivers, even when sober. But again...whatever.

The real story, in my opinion, is this Queens University graduate who has gone over to the Unversity of Western Ontario's prestigious Ivey School of Business actually said "irregardless" in an interview. You would think after years of high school and post-secondary education, he would have learned that "irregardless" isn't a freakin' word.

So, Kevin Wiener...on the off chance that you ever read this - might I suggest a few courses in the English language.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 - those stupid horns!

I've never been a big fan of soccer (or football to the purists out there). I did play for the better part of a decade back in my school days, but really could never get into watching it on television. It's a tediously slow game, especially when played at the professional level.

I thought I would get into this year's World Cup - given that my fiance's son is an avid soccer player and huge Arsenal fan. They lived in England for several years, and he, along with his sister, was born there. They only moved back to Canada about 7 years ago.

So the stage was set for me to actually get into this event - especially with England's first game against the US. So we flip the TV onto the big game - and cue the fucking horns. The constant droning of these things ensures I won't watch another game.

The vuvuzela is a piece of crap plastic horn that produces a high pitched whining sound in the range of 127 decibels. That's right - louder than a pneumatic drill for you people keeping score at home. Some have been measured up to 144 decibels. It's use is being defended as a part of the soccer (football) culture of South Africa. So was apartheid, at one point - things change.

Facebook groups against these horns are springing up. People want them banned. Sound companies are coming up with ways to filter the noise. All of that effort for a glorified kazoo.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

NHL 2K10 for the Wii - Piece o' crap...

My youngest son, who has shown an interest in hockey, recently had his 7th birthday. My oldest son bought him a couple of games for the Wii - including NHL 2K10. I am not a huge fan of sports games, but this one is so convoluted and poorly designed, it makes me amazed that people seem to like it.

I am a software developer/designer for a living and I know a thing or two about the importance of usability, but the menu system is anything but usable. For instance, even though you can play the game without the nunchuck control, you actually need it to traverse the menu correctly - though at no point in the game itself (it knows whether or not you have a nunchuck attached) nor in the manual does it state this - failure #1.

Failure #2 takes the form of entirely non-intuitive menus. Frankly, I don't need fancy and flashy menus - I just need a freaking menu. Hell, spend less time with retarded menus and more time on gameplay. That's what people bought the game for, not flashy menus.

Failure #3 is the pain in the ass "connecting to server" bug that even people giving this game a relatively high rating complain about - my son just wanted to play a Quick Game and tried to choose the Eastern Conference AllStars as his team. The system then looped while attempting to connect to Take2's servers and I had to reset the freaking Wii. Apparently, this is a known bug - one that should be a show stopper - but for some reason people are willing to accept it.

Failure #4 - the gameplay itself. Horrible beyond measure. I could go on, but will focus on something that is out of the player's direct control. When you play the game, you control one player at-at-time. The AI controls your other players (not very well at all - I don't know how many times the other team - also controlled by the AI - got breakaways because the AI controlled defencemen just stood there). At one point, the AI controlling the characters caused penalty after penalty. My son was playing on the penalty kill, 5 on 3, for more than 12 minutes of in-game time. The other team NEVER got a penalty. So, the AI controls every player on the other team, and THEY never get a penalty, but the 4 players on my son's team did constantly.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Stay away from it if you value your sanity.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Celebrity culture as news

Do you really care that Tiger Woods was unfaithful? How about David Boreanaz from Bones? I know I don't care, but the entertainment that still masquerades as news fills the airwaves with this crap.

The whole Tiger Woods fiasco was just that. At what point did sports channels start covering tabloid fodder? What does his dicking around and the subsequent fallout have to do with his golfing, except to serve as a distraction for him? I don't idolize athletes, or actors, or politicians. In what kind of sad reality must someone live to idolize someone they have never met?

I think the word "idolize" should be replaced by "idealize" - because that is what is actually happening. JFK was, for all intents and purposes, a man whore who had affairs in the freaking White House - but for all that he was "idolized" and still is. Why? He could be a jerk in real life had you met him without the press around. So, it wasn't JFK, or Tiger Woods, that people "idolized" it was their image they portrayed in the media.

This phenomenon also explains reality TV and the WWF. People allow themselves to believe in a reality that doesn't exist. Whether it is an individual or a concept. Marketing trumps intelligence and perception each and every time. Pathetic, ain't it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Islam has got to go...redux

Back in February 2006, I posted an entry on the "controversy" surrounding a bunch of cartoons published in a Danish newspaper: Islam has got to go.

Now South Park has stirred up the bees nest that is radical Islam and are receiving death threats.

We, of course, can't lump all Muslims into the same pile. Much like we cannot blame all Catholics for the sexual abuse of children by priests, we can't blame all Muslims for the evil perpetrated by radicals. But if some bizarre Catholic cult tried to ban any image of Jesus under the threat of death, you can be damned sure that everyone, including other Catholics, would condemn such evil. Not so the Muslim community. Have you heard from any stating the the Comedy Channel in the US should air the 200th and 201st episode of South Park uncensored? Have you heard any mainstream condemnation of the death threats? Nope.

Reason #23 why Islam is a stain on society, as is any belief system, religious or otherwise, that denigrates its own adherents and threatens those that don't believe as they do (this includes radical Atheist, who are as bad, if not worse, than religious nut jobs).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank God it's over

The Ottawa Senators just lost in overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have one their playoff series. Basically, this means nothing in the grand scope of things. To me, it means I don't have to watch anymore hockey this year. The weather's nice, there are things to do, and I don't have to get sidetracked by some stupid sport. Sidetracked, frustrated, annoyed...pick one or more.

I know the NHL wants, and needs, to have two American teams in the Stanley Cup finals - for the simple reason that the US is the larger market and, from a business perspective, it makes more sense to feature two teams that could potentially interest a greater number of fans. But I doubt this theory, I truly do. Most fans are like me...we watch one, maybe two, teams and that's it. If they aren't playing, we don't watch. Now, given the simple fact that hockey is LIGHT YEARS more popular in Canada than in the US, wouldn't you think it makes more sense to have two Canadian teams? I think that...but it will never happen. Goals being called back, infractions not being called, all ensure that Sid the Kid makes it through so the slack-jawed morons who know little of hockey, but get all excited over seeing a "celebrity", will buy tickets or tune in.

Oh well, over the past few years, I have drifted away from giving a rat's ass about sports in general.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cars, Drugs, and Weapons

I wonder what kind of person can work for a car manufacturer, pharmaceutical corporation, or a company that makes weapons? How can they get up in the mornings and look at themselves in the mirror? Can people be that immoral?


No way in hell are cars made as good as they can be made. Even if you buy into the argument that they make them so they are affordable, they still could be made better for the same price. No WAY these guys design cars to last more than 5 years. The economy...especially in 'Merica...couldn't survive without the relatively disposable vehicles that spew out of the auto industry. If people kept their cars for 10 years, GM et al would be in more trouble than they currently are.

On a related side-note, what numbnuts decided that after I spray my window with windshield washer fluid, I would need to have the wipers come on automatically for 3 cycles, then wait a second or two, and then run once more?? The manual says it's a convenience thing to stop drips. What a load of crap! There are no drips when you driving in cold, sloppy weather doing 110kph (60mph approximately). What ends up happening is the window looks great, then after 2 seconds, that other "swipe" ends up streaking the shit out of the windshield. Nice job, engineers.

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Hands up everyone who thinks that a pharmaceutical company (PC) is actively looking for a cure for cancer, AIDs, diabetes, the cold...anything. Okay, everyone who has a hand in the air is an idiot. Leave now. PCs, again, especially in the US, are about treating illnesses. The shareholders will NEVER accept a cure for anything. If they could, they would go back in time and undo the polio vaccine. So, if you are hoping that they can save your young child from leukemia, or that some medical breakthrough will cure your aged parent from alzheimers, don't hold your breath. As sad, and as cruel and cynical, as it may sound, there is no WAY a company with a bottom line as its sole priority will come up with a cure for shit.

Weapons Manufacturers

Really. Do I have to even explain this one? Everyone who works for a company making weapons for general non-military consumption - go home and take lots of pills. You people suck, and the world would be better off without you in it. Even those who make weapons for the many "allies" do you sell your weapons to? How many end up in the hands of the very people you are fighting. Seriously...suicide is an option for you. Please. Before you breed and instill the same sense of abhorrent immorality into your crotchfruit.