Friday, October 29, 2004

Some day off!

Well, took today off. Ostensibly, it was to take my 18 month old to his doctor's appointment this morning (so, technically, I would only have needed to take the morning off, but hey, it's friday!). I had hoped that once that was over with, and he was safely at his babysitter's, I could enjoy a day of computer gaming! But then we scheduled a trip to the car dealership for the mini-van's 6000 KM check. Then we decided to schedule another appointment, this one for the cat, to get his shots. Between the doctor's appointment this morning, and the car dealership we shopped for christmas gifts. Now it's time to pick the kids up. Sigh.

Interesting email from my Dad. Apparently, a friend of his is starting a Vintage Music Society (over in Nova Scotia) and he suggested that they start a Blog to get things going. He asked me to explain how one would set up a blog. I replied to him with instructions on setting one up on Then I got a reply back "So, in a nutshell, what exactly is a Blog?" Interesting question. The short answer is "Anything you want it to be". But that's trite.

An online dictionary defines a a Blog as follows:

n: Slang term for a weblog. A Web log, for the uninitiated, is a popular and fairly personal content form on the Internet. A person’s Web log is almost like an open diary. It chronicles what a person wants to share with the world on an almost daily basis.

I guess that's as good a definition as any.

Friday, October 15, 2004

"Has Been"

William Shatner has a new CD out. Yes, back in the '60s, Bill gave us the much maligned "The Transformed Man". But this one is quite different, and actually very, very good. Combining the talents of Ben Folds (an excellent musician from NC, his band Ben Fold Five broke up in 2000 and he is embarking on a solo career), Joe Jackson, Aimee Mann, Henry Rollins, and several others, the CD is an eclectic and surprisingly lyrical emotional ride. This is an EXCELLENT CD. I know it sounds weird, I know you won't believe me, but check it out for yourself at either or at the official website for the album.

Play the first track Common People, or the last one Real. Or the hysterical I Can't Get Behind That with Henry Rollins. Listen to these and tell me they aren't good.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Been slamming the crap out of Firefox lately, trying to determine its faults, if any. Haven't found anything serious, and have finally stopped using IE almost altogether (I keep it around for things like my company's intranet site which is optimized for IE (meaning, its a crippled web page that only works with a sub-standard browser).

If you want to try Firefox, I recommend a few of the extensions and the Noia 2 (eXtreme) theme (or the top rated GrayModern). For the extensions, I like:

  • Adblock - blocks ads and you can right-click an ad to add it to the list that will be blocked.
  • Mouse Gestures - use the right-click and mouse movements to do things like go Back a page, etc.
  • StockTicker - can put x number of stock quotes - you can check them manually or have them update and listed in the status bar of the browser
  • QuickNotes - like sticky notes. Can make up to 4 tabs of notes that you can make as a panel in your browser, tabs in your browser, or floating! By floating the quicknotes, they stay open as long as your browser is running.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to continue using IE. I really don't.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Okay...other than Economics and psychiatry/therapy, is there any other professional vocation that seems more like witch-doctor quackery than Meteorology? Now predicting the weather in places like, oh, I dunno, Aruba is easy (sunny, warm, and windy) so a Meteorologist there would seem like a frikkin' genius, but that has to be the exception to the rule.

" isn't an exact science!", they will exclaim upon being called a bunch of charlatans. "We can only give predictions, which by definition may not be what occurs." So, in my area of the country we were told, repeatedly including this past Friday, that the weekend would be, except for some rain on Saturday, 16-17 degress celsius and sunny (for holiday Monday as well, that being the Canadian Thanksgiving day). Well, it was, maybe, 11 and overcast the whole weekend. Now, I can see where they might not be able to predict exactly, but did none of the so-called "professionals" see the huge fucking CLOUD formation bearing down on the region??

I mean, Monday morning I flipped on the Weather Network and they said it would be 11 and partly sunny. Guess what, if it was 11, I would be surprised, and there 'tweren't no sun.

Most of the weather data and predictions appear to come from Environment Canada. There's an old adage used to excuse shoddy performance: "Good enough for government work". I guess we now know that adage has some basis in fact.