Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Islam has got to go...redux

Back in February 2006, I posted an entry on the "controversy" surrounding a bunch of cartoons published in a Danish newspaper: Islam has got to go.

Now South Park has stirred up the bees nest that is radical Islam and are receiving death threats.

We, of course, can't lump all Muslims into the same pile. Much like we cannot blame all Catholics for the sexual abuse of children by priests, we can't blame all Muslims for the evil perpetrated by radicals. But if some bizarre Catholic cult tried to ban any image of Jesus under the threat of death, you can be damned sure that everyone, including other Catholics, would condemn such evil. Not so the Muslim community. Have you heard from any stating the the Comedy Channel in the US should air the 200th and 201st episode of South Park uncensored? Have you heard any mainstream condemnation of the death threats? Nope.

Reason #23 why Islam is a stain on society, as is any belief system, religious or otherwise, that denigrates its own adherents and threatens those that don't believe as they do (this includes radical Atheist, who are as bad, if not worse, than religious nut jobs).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank God it's over

The Ottawa Senators just lost in overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have one their playoff series. Basically, this means nothing in the grand scope of things. To me, it means I don't have to watch anymore hockey this year. The weather's nice, there are things to do, and I don't have to get sidetracked by some stupid sport. Sidetracked, frustrated, annoyed...pick one or more.

I know the NHL wants, and needs, to have two American teams in the Stanley Cup finals - for the simple reason that the US is the larger market and, from a business perspective, it makes more sense to feature two teams that could potentially interest a greater number of fans. But I doubt this theory, I truly do. Most fans are like me...we watch one, maybe two, teams and that's it. If they aren't playing, we don't watch. Now, given the simple fact that hockey is LIGHT YEARS more popular in Canada than in the US, wouldn't you think it makes more sense to have two Canadian teams? I think that...but it will never happen. Goals being called back, infractions not being called, all ensure that Sid the Kid makes it through so the slack-jawed morons who know little of hockey, but get all excited over seeing a "celebrity", will buy tickets or tune in.

Oh well, over the past few years, I have drifted away from giving a rat's ass about sports in general.