Monday, September 25, 2006

Decline of the Holy American empire

Brilliant post at FredOnEverything..

In it, he opines:

Further, the ghetto rules everywhere, seeps in, or threatens. Americans are not social climbers, but social descenders, rappelling deliberately into the grubby depths. On the radio one hears regularly such lyrical confections as “Muthahfucka, muthafucka, she a ho, shit.” Ah, but the chief rule of discourse today is that one must never offend the offensive. You must never suggest that they straighten up and mind their manners, mouth, grammar, and work ethic.

Everytime I turn on the TV, I see this "culture" glorified and pushed and spotlighted in the news and on television shows. Talking heads and politicos tell us we have to be "tolerant"...when what they mean is the civilized among us have to be tolerant of those of us who aren't civilized. We have to lower our expectations of humanity so we aren't shocked and insulted by have grunting stupidity thrust into our faces.

The end of the US is coming folks, and it won't be pretty.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

American Luftwaffe

Once again, Canadians have been killed/injured by some retarded American pilots.

In his book Battle: The Story of the Bulge John Toland wrote:

At 3:26 P.M. [23.December.1944] six B-26s of the 322nd Bombardment Group approached a town nestled in hilly forested country. The flight leader...[e]ven on this clear day...hadn't been able to locate his primary target, Zulpich, Germany, a railhead for Brandenberger's Seventh Army, but he concluded he was over Lammersum, only six miles northeast of the target. As his plane swept over the center of town, thirteen 250-pound General Purpose bombs dropped from the bomb bay. The other five planes of the flight dumped their loads.
Twelve thousand feet below, dazed American soldiers of the 30th Division and hysterical civilians were crawling from the wreckage of Malm├ędy, Belgium--39 miles away from Lammersum.
Moments later General Hobbs, commander of the 30th Division, was angrily talking by phone to an air force general. Hobbs was bitter. It wasn't the first time he'd been bombed by the 9th Air Force. His men had already dubbed it "the American Luftwaffe".

The air force general was dismayed. "It can't happen again," he promised.

While the incident mentioned above involved bombers, the concept is the same: American pilots are idiots. This has happened so often that maybe the US should rethink the whole "flying" thing. Obviously they can't do it worth shit.

Here's a hint for other would-be American military pilots: the guys without the rags on their heads...those are on your side...for now. Idiots.