Thursday, February 07, 2008

She Amazed Me redux

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entry regarding the nonsensical song "She Amazed Me" from the Dilbert Blog.

This song was put together from random lyrics submitted by people from around the world. Okay, someone painstakingly went through the 600+ comments and pulled out what they felt were the best lyrics, and I can only assume that they were attempting to provide some sort of cohesiveness to the lyrics, but still..."She Amazed Me" has got to be the first OPEN SOURCE song in history. What does that say about songwriters? I mean, someone still had to put music to it, and that takes talent, but the actual words ...come can stream crap together, put a catchy beat to it, and belt out a hit. This song isn't a hit (yet?), but would it be if it had been recorded by someone famous? I think it might be.

It's been a couple of weeks, and I am still getting a huge chuckle out of it.