Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Okay...other than Economics and psychiatry/therapy, is there any other professional vocation that seems more like witch-doctor quackery than Meteorology? Now predicting the weather in places like, oh, I dunno, Aruba is easy (sunny, warm, and windy) so a Meteorologist there would seem like a frikkin' genius, but that has to be the exception to the rule.

"Oh...it isn't an exact science!", they will exclaim upon being called a bunch of charlatans. "We can only give predictions, which by definition may not be what occurs." So, in my area of the country we were told, repeatedly including this past Friday, that the weekend would be, except for some rain on Saturday, 16-17 degress celsius and sunny (for holiday Monday as well, that being the Canadian Thanksgiving day). Well, it was, maybe, 11 and overcast the whole weekend. Now, I can see where they might not be able to predict exactly, but did none of the so-called "professionals" see the huge fucking CLOUD formation bearing down on the region??

I mean, Monday morning I flipped on the Weather Network and they said it would be 11 and partly sunny. Guess what, if it was 11, I would be surprised, and there 'tweren't no sun.

Most of the weather data and predictions appear to come from Environment Canada. There's an old adage used to excuse shoddy performance: "Good enough for government work". I guess we now know that adage has some basis in fact.