Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Been slamming the crap out of Firefox lately, trying to determine its faults, if any. Haven't found anything serious, and have finally stopped using IE almost altogether (I keep it around for things like my company's intranet site which is optimized for IE (meaning, its a crippled web page that only works with a sub-standard browser).

If you want to try Firefox, I recommend a few of the extensions and the Noia 2 (eXtreme) theme (or the top rated GrayModern). For the extensions, I like:

  • Adblock - blocks ads and you can right-click an ad to add it to the list that will be blocked.
  • Mouse Gestures - use the right-click and mouse movements to do things like go Back a page, etc.
  • StockTicker - can put x number of stock quotes - you can check them manually or have them update and listed in the status bar of the browser
  • QuickNotes - like sticky notes. Can make up to 4 tabs of notes that you can make as a panel in your browser, tabs in your browser, or floating! By floating the quicknotes, they stay open as long as your browser is running.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to continue using IE. I really don't.