Thursday, January 13, 2005

Abortion = Murder

Most people are, or seem to be, ambivalent when it comes to the issue of abortion. Oh, they may have opinions one way or the other, but they don't actually DO anything about it. In 2001, there was a case against one Dr. Biskind (an abortionist) who was accused of letting his patient die. The woman went in for an abortion at about the 27th week (almost 7 months into the pregnancy). She died when the broken bone of the fetus could have ripped a hole in the patient's uterus as the doctor pulled it out. Also, the metal tool used to break the bone of the fetus and crush it's skull could have cut into the uterine wound. The patient bled to death.

Breaking the leg bone? Crushing the skull? Jesus.

Sorry, you can make pro-abortion claims all you want...oh, the woman was raped, the mother is in danger. Let's be honest, few abortions are as a result of these kinds of situations.

Let's remove the emotion from the issue (and religion). We don't know when life begins...correct? So, let's say we assume it begins at the very moment of conception. If we ban all abortions and find out 100 years from now that whatever constitutes life actually begins at the moment the fetus takes its first breath outside of the mother's womb (up until that point it was simply some animated parasite), what is the worse thing we have done? Well, we have forced women to have babies they were unwilling to have. Perhaps increasing the number of unwanted and abused children, etc.

Now, let's reverse the scenario. Let's say we assume life begins at the moment the fetus takes that first breath, so we allow abortions. Then, 100 years from now, we find out that life begins at the moment of conception. Now, what is the worse thing we have done: we have killed babies.

Logic 1-0-1 would suggest we err on the side of the former, not the latter. It's worse to kill babies than force women to bear children. That's my opinion. No emotion, no religion, just plain fucking logic.

I have presented that argument to some staunch pro-abortionist, feminist types. They tried to bypass the logic, they tried to worm out of the possibility that they could, in fact, be killing babies.

Sorry, I have seen and heard of some evil fucking things in my life, but nothing surpasses the pro-abortionists disinterest in exploring the possibility that they may be wrong in their thinking.

Pro-abortionists seem quick to ask how someone could be anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment, as if the two things are equal. They also question the anti-abortionists ruthless tactics of blowing up clinics and killing abortionists. Two separate issues:

1. Killing a child is not the same as killing some piece of crap killer. Not even close, so shut the fuck up.

2. These anti-abortionists believe in their souls that these aborted fetuses are, in fact, children. Helpless babies. If you saw some guy hacking babies to death with a machete, and the only way you could stop him would be to shoot him, wouldn't you do it? These people, right or wrong, are not committing a crime, in their minds. They are fighting a war.

Woman's right to choose my ass.