Friday, September 16, 2005

Something's coming...

Using blogs and RSS feeds as news sources, with newspapers and television news supplementary to them, gives one a perspective on underlying sociological currents that would be missed if one solely watched TV or read newspapers. Using the Internet to cross-reference and research world events has become something of a past-time for me, and something I do quite regularly.

All of that to say that what I have seen of world events recently is incredibly disturbing. Forget natural disasters for a moment…these will simply be a catalyst for fundamental and world-shattering change.

The War on Terror has allowed the US government to bring about the beginnings of a police state. In New York, subway passengers are routinely searched (something like 1 out of every 5) for their protection. Of course, the belief is that Americans need protecting from external forces (re: islamic terrorists…or whatever the politically-correct terminology is this week). How soon, do you think, will there be a move to begin protecting Americans from more internal threats…and let’s be honest, more tangible?

This is where cross-referencing comes in handy, and paints a disturbing, bleak picture. Think of the War on Terror and the beginnings of a police state, then couple that with the images of looting and pillaging that took place in New Orleans and other areas affected by Katrina. How long will it take the government, if ever, to address the internal threat. I am not saying this to incite hatred, or something equally puerile. I am merely pointing out that the average American, white or black, has more to fear from a young, black man than an Arab. The statistics don’t lie. See the FBI numbers here.

Leighton Levy, a columnist from the Jamaica Star newspaper, has posted an article entitled “The dark side of black people”. In it, he opines that there is seems to be something fundamentally wrong and “…that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.” Leighton Levy is black.

Even the most liberal and soft-hearted (soft-headed?) amongst us, unless they are lying hypocrites, must acknowledge that there appears to be a severe problem brewing in the US. How many scenes of looting have we witnessed over the last few decades? How many of the looters were not black?

I don’t believe this disdain for morals is a racial thing, since there are, of course, many law-abiding and morally-upright blacks (as well as white criminals, of course). So what is it? If it isn’t racial, is it cultural? I don’t know…but we are quickly getting to the stage in which the reasons are totally irrelevant. Because at some point, someone will fight back. The Turner Diaries…a totally atrocious book, filled with abhorrent racial stereotypes (about whites and blacks)…seems more prophetic as the years go on.

The US federal government has for decades tried to assimilate blacks into the country without apparent success: quotas in university and in the workforce haven’t helped; lowering standards for minority job applicants hasn’t helped; nothing seems to work. So what is the solution?

Fred Reed, over on wrote an article about the rioting in New Orleans. Some forum members over at the Augusta Chronicle have been commenting on the article. One member, going by the name Synergy writes:

Goldman and Fred Reed are both racists. The looting in New Orleans is
related to socio-economic status. If anything, blacks are more patient than
whites in waiting for change. A large proportion of blacks hold tightly to their
spiritual values and exhibit brotherly love. It is violent whites who seek to
put them down by force. Whites did the same to slave uprisings. Racists look for
every excuse to use organized violence against minorities to reinforce their
deservedly tenuous, unearned priviledged position in society which they claim by
merely being born white. Keep up the race baiting and you will get what you want
Goldman - a racial war - just like Bush got what he wanted by invading Iraq - a
holy war with the entire Muslim world. Neither scenario will be pretty or likely
to end up as you think it will. You are playing with fire, honkey!

Honkey (sic)? What Synergy fails to realize is that if a race war were to happen, it wouldn't play out as he seems to think. Blacks make up less than 12% of the US population. It wouldn't be much of a war.

Of course, there were some idiotic comments on the other side of the issue. I just had to post his because of the word "honkey" (sic). Too funny.

I don't know why this happened, and at this point, I think the reasons may be irrelevant. Something has to change, and soon...because where the US goes, the rest of the world follows.