Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Boy, if I was a terrorist...

The headline screams racism: Sikh's sword not welcome on VIA train. How terrible! I mean, goodness, nothing's more important than a person's religion. Not public safety, not human lives...NOTHING. What kind of barbarians stop some guy from carrying a sword onto public transportation! The humanity of it all.

Fer crissakes, I can see the voracious lawyers circling this issue like sharks. Someone's religious beliefs were insulted. Of course, if I were a terrorist, I would be watching this case with interest. 'cause if I wanted to hi-jack a plane or kill a whack of people on a train, all I would need to do in the future is dress up like a Sikh, replete with ceremonial sword.

Frankly, I think I will start a religion in which everyone has to walk around naked and carrying a loaded AK-47. Hey, it's my religion, you can't stop me!