Monday, December 12, 2005

Voters are morons redux

Okay...Canada is heading to the polls again, and once again the voters, primarily in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, are proving that most of them are slack-jawed doorknobs who have no business in a ballot booth and even less business taking another breath.

Even after the firearms boondoggle (budget $80 million, currently over $1 billion and counting), the ADSCAM fiasco, the cancelled helicopter deals that costs us millions, the HRDSC fiasco with misplaced billions, Prime Minister Paul Martin's shipping business that was, oddly, exempt from new Canadian laws requiring ships to be registered in Canada (except, for the countries where his were registered, for tax evasion purposes)...and whatever else they have done but not been caught doing, it seems the aforementioned morons believe that the Conservatives and their leader Stephen Harper are "scary" and have some sort of "hidden agenda".

Asswipes who vote Liberal get what they deserve...a pack of arrogant elitists who in a less civilised country would have long ago been lined up against a wall and shot.

If you don't live in Quebec (since their choices really are limited to the Bloc and the Liberals), and are going to vote Liberal because you like the job they are doing, do me and the country a huge favour and refrain from voting. Barring that, go to the Darwin Awards and read up on the many creative ways morons like you have withdrawn themselves from the gene, and voting, pool, choose whichever is less "scary" to you, and have at it.