Friday, March 31, 2006

Health Care in Canada is sick and dying

If you are an American who, for some reason, thinks that government-funded health care is the way to go, just look at Canada. As a Canadian, I, on one hand, appreciate the "free" access to health care. The US model is ridiculously expensive. On the other hand, I hate the fact that I have to wait in line all the time for even the most basic health care.

I pay more taxes than most, ergo, I should get better health care. That's simple. I should also be able to pay for even better health care out of my pocket (either through direct billing or through insurance). That's simple too.

Now, in typically American fashion, getting health care in the US is over-priced and ultimately about as stressful as whatever ailment required the health care to begin with! There has to be a happy medium. In an affluent society, everyone should be able to get affordable health care. However, people who can afford it should be able to get more timely health care. This is part of the privilege of being successful...oh, wait. Being successful is a bad thing in Canada. I forgot.

Perhaps a solution would be to have people OPT OUT of public health care altogether or perhaps some sort of percentage plan. That is, the government would only cover 50% of your health care costs. By opting into this, you would get a reduced tax rate. Good idea? I think so.