Friday, March 02, 2007

The venomous one

Venomous Kate, over at Electric Venom, recently slammed someone for trying to guilt her into adding his/her blog into her blogroll.

I mean what kind of person attempts to so blatantly curry favour by describing Kate as:
“the perfect woman: smart, sexy and perfectly capable of kicking your ass.”

I mean, she seems "smart", and her photo looks sexy (except for what appears to be a deathstick 'twixt her fingers) with that over-the-shoulder glance, but how can one assume she is capable of kicking someone's ass?? Plus she blitches way, way, WAY too often. I mean the 'tude on her! C'mon. She's frightening.

I mean this guy/gal even used a Trackback to entice her. I mean, really. Some people are freaking pathetic.