Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stupid Pet people

I see a pattern developing in my blog titles/topics...I think stupidity is my biggest pet peeve...ironic turn of a phrase, given this rant is about...PETS.

I don't understand "pet people". Animals aren't a member of your family. Given the right (or wrong, depending on your viewpoint) set of circumstances, they will use you as food. Cats I don't like, and consider them a waste of food and water. Dogs, on the other hand, do serve a purpose. However, the minute you treat one as a member of the family is also the minute you take your life into your hands...or the lives of your children. Now, if you own a Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian, or other such tiny dog, fine. But this family had a Rottweiler-German Shepherd cross. They also HAD a 17 month old daughter.

I don't want to add to their suffering, but this could have been prevented by one of two things: either don't own a dog bred for violence or don't let a 17 month old wander over to it. Rottweilers aren't known for being cuddly and fun loving. You can make a case that German Shepherds make good family pets, I suppose, but I don't like them, nor do I trust them.

In a similar vein, a man was recently charged with killing a cat. He hit it over the head twice with a tire iron. The cat had become increasingly violent over a period of several days culminating in an attack on animals the man had. He breeds horses and had various other animals (chickens I believe). Like any farmer/rancher faced with a dangerous animal, he killed it. End of story. Except the city folk got all involved and now he faces charges.