Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teenager learned her lesson?

Interesting story out of Victoria, B.C. about a 15-year old girl who was tethered in a padded cell at a police station for four hours. On the surface, you might be disgusted by the image of a prone 15 year old girl lying, alone, in a padded cell:

Terrifying, isn't it? Or is it really? Let's analyse the story. First, she was drunk and causing a disturbance...
[the]...girl was drunk, swearing at officers, had to be forcibly removed from a police car, was kicking the door of the cell, and grabbed one officer on the arm.
. Here's a girl who is obviously out of control. The police found her stumbling around after being unable to enter her house because she had lost her key, which implies that her parents weren't home. Where were they? Who lets their 15 year old daughter out past midnight?

You can call the treatment at the hands of the police a bit cruel, but I guarantee she learned some sort of lesson. Now, of course, her parents might sue the police. Typical. Your daughter was stumbling drunk, abusive, out-of-control, but the police need to be sued. The parents should be charged with being incompetent...too bad there isn't such a law.