Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The R-Word and the Olympics


Are you kidding me? Some people are upset at the use of the words "retard" and "retarded" in the new comedy Tropic Thunder by Ben Stiller.

Any word can be hurtful, depending on its context. How many more perfectly legitimate words are we going to lose to political correctness? What about "bastard"? Will organizations populated by people who were born to out-of-wedlock mothers rise up in ire? If I call someone a "moron" will I be chastized by groups representing the stupid? This is freaking retarded.


What the fuck gets everyone excited about the Olympics? Men's Synchronized Diving...are you for fucking real? Canada, as of this post, has won NO MEDALS...and some are saying that the lack of support for Canada's swimmers, divers, and pool dancers (oh, sorry...synchronized swimmers) is the problem. That in non-Olympic years, no one gives a shit. Well...newsflash...why should we? Seriously.

Michael Phelps could win 8 gold's a hero. With that and several years at Harvard Medical, and more sweat and toil he could ever encounter in the pool, he might do something find a cure for cancer.

Now people, re: morons (see above...hope I didn't offend the stupid) want to increase PUBLIC funding of amateur athletes...see...this is the problem with morons:
a government's first responsibilities are to things like Health, Education, and Security...not funding athletes and the arts...not at the expense of those more important responsibilities.