Wednesday, April 21, 2004

American News

I am utterly amazed at American news. If any Americans read this, can you freakin' explain to me how you can allow the mainstream media to feed you crap? For instance, our cable provider picks up the Detroit stations for the four big networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC). The news is horrible.

"EYEWITNESS ACTION NEWS! UP-TO-THE-MINUTE Close-up footage of all the carnage you can stomach"

No wonder the US is so messed up. I don't need to know, or re-live, every gory nuance of a violent crime. Just the facts, please. But ratings are king, and it would appear from the news that the average American has the insatiable thirst for violent imagery as, say, the Marquis de Sade. Flash a breast, and the nation goes into an apoplectic fit. Blow someone's head off, and the populace just shrugs it off as "news".

War in Iraq

How long will it take before the mainstream media shows/reports what is actually going on in Iraq. You people are LOSING. Big time. Remember Vietnam? Welcome to the Vietnam version 2.0. Your own soldiers consider the citizens of Iraq like the Nazis did the Jews: untermenschen (Lower People, I think it translates to). De-humanize the populace, and brutalize them while keeping your conscience clear. Hardly a way to liberate a nation from tyranny. Hey, if the moron in the Whitehouse is so concerned about ending tyranny, how come he didn't mention invading North Korea or China? Or is the US only interested in invading and liberating countries with little military power? Sounds like cowardice to me.