Monday, April 26, 2004


I don't read Doonesbury all that often, but the last few have been good. The character of BD (you know, he always has a football helmet on...or an army helmet) has had his leg amputated while fighting in Iraq. Friday's (April 23, 2004) strip actually had the word...bitch in it! Not-so-hot on the heels of Janet Jackson infamous booby-mishap, this has the censorship types in a bit of an uproar. Some papers cut the strip out altogether. Others eliminated the naughty word. I mean, in and of itself, bitch is a perfectly acceptable word meaning "female canine". How can anyone be offended by this? Wait, we are talking about the US here. Sorry I asked.

Here's a link to the strip: Doonesbury, April 23, 2004