Thursday, May 27, 2004

American Idol

Fantasia Barrino wins American Idol. Deservedly so. She has a very unique voice and style. After the show was over last night, I hustled up to my PC and logged onto American Idol's website, specifically the Community page where morons from around the world get to vent their frustration at the results on a weekly basis.

People can disagree with the choice based on talent: someone may like a singer, someone else might not. But to disparage Fantasia because she is
a) black
b) an unwed mother

is absurd. One wankjob wrote that Fantasia wasn't a good "role model for our children". Um, newflash, singers should not be role models just because they are singers. That's one of the problems with the US. They "idolize" (no pun intended) professional athletes and entertainers who have no business being idolized. Like their music...fine. Look up to them as examples of how to live your life, and you have a problem. Parents should be their children's role models; and teachers, firefighters, police offices, get the idea.

I posted a comment that said something to the effect that she wasn't as bad a role model, if you had to look at her as one, than say, a coke-addict for president. Some idiot answers back "I didn't vote for Clinton.". I was talking about Bush!

Funny thing happened. The thread was suddenly deleted. Good old Fox, cleaning out any controversy. Much like Fox News edits out the truth from reports from Iraq.