Monday, May 31, 2004

Morons should not be allowed to vote.

People who vote without even trying to understand the issues should not even be allowed near a ballot box. Canada is currently in the throes of a federal election, and the intellectually incompetent are coming out of the woodwork. Just to give you some background, the Liberal party has been the governing party for several years. It has recently come to light that in that time, they bilked more than $200 million of tax-payers money into a type of money-laundering scam (nicknamed AdScam). The current Prime Minister (Paul Martin) was the Finance Minister during much of this period. He claims he didn't know what was going on. Now, either this makes him a lying sack of shit, or incompetent. He can pick one or the other.

The problem is, instead of turfing him and his sycophants out on their Gucci-covered asses, the polls are showing the Liberals still in the lead! How the fuck is that possible? This is the kind of logic being perpetrated:

Voting-Numb-Nuts: Hmmmm....Adolf Hitler is re-running as leader of the German people. I really don't like his war mongering and his Jew killing, but I think we should go with the devil we know, rather than the devil we don't.

This began when the ex-leader of the now defunct Progressive Conservative party, Joe Clark, said that Paul Martin should win rather than Stephen Harper (the leader of the new Conservative party) because, in his words:

"In those choices, I would be extremely worried about Mr. Harper. I personally would prefer to go with the devil we know."

For my part, I find myself more libertarian than conservative. I believe in somewhat less government, but not to the point of anarchy. So I habitually find myself trying to balance the differing policies, or promises, of the parties to determine where my vote would be going. But promises by the Liberals are never kept. At least not in the last several years, including provincial politics. So, why should I believe them at all.

I say we go with a new party. Give the Conservatives a shot at running this country. If they suck, turf them the next election. But let's not leave the Liberals in power. That would be stupid.