Friday, June 11, 2004

Chronicles of Riddick

Just saw the Chronicles of Riddick. Loved Pitch Black (the first movie with Vin Deisel as Riddick). This one was good...some pretty impressive CG effects. The story was a bit lame though with some pretty shoddy editing.

The one scene though that threw me was, for the most part, fairly innocuous. Riddick has been captured by some mercenaries. He, and they, are all in their very small spaceship. The leader lights up a cigarette. A cigarette. He LIGHTS up a freaking cigarette! Here they are in a restricted and controlled atmospheric environment (the ship) and he's SMOKING A CIGARETTE. Helloooo. Didn't anyone think..."hmmm..this might look cool and tough, but it is kinda stupid."

Shoulda gone to see Harry Potter.