Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Idiots have spoken

Wellllll...kiss financial prosperity goodbye, the Liberals have won. After making a record $28 billion dollars in spending promises, and now having to ally themselves with the NDP, the newest government is already on track to end up costing taxpayers a bundle. Congrats y'all. In an effort to head off the surging Conservatives, who may have ended same-sex marriage and brought in two-tier health care oooo...that's eeeeeviilllll... , we have ended up with a government that has cost us billions in shitty spending and various scandals, and will cost us billions more before they are finished.

Clap clap clap...bravo.

Oh, and they also have to kiss Bloc Quebecois ass at the same time. Beautiful. So...if I were an Albertan, I would hold my own referendum and get the fuck out of this boobyhatch we call Canada.

Our only hope is that the promised bucketful of spending will just be another broken promise by the Liberals.

And all the idiots out there are shifting their butt cheeks so Martin can drive that spiked shaft a little deeper.