Friday, June 18, 2004

Liberals deserve to lose

Check out this link...Martin's troops sit on report.

If anyone, and I mean anyone, is actually considering voting for these lying, arrogant pieces of crap, that person has shit for brains. Period.

I don't care if you're left-wing or right-wing or whatever. You can't possibly, in all honesty, even consider voting for this fucking party. I mean, come on! How far up your ass do they have to ram that spiked shaft before you yell "ENOUGH"?

Martin was Finance Minister (the second most powerful position behind the Prime Minister) during the Adscam fiasco. He claims he "Didn't know anything about it.". Now, as Finance Minister, he should have at least noticed something. So, if he really didn't know, he's incompetent. If he did know, he's a lying sack of shit. You vote for him, you vote for a lying sack of shit or an incompetent. Good job. That'll teach politicans a lesson.

" can fuck us over all you want, and we'll still vote for you, cause we think the other parties are scary."

Fucking losers.