Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dress Codes at work

I read this article in the Globe and Mail a couple of weeks ago entitled Skin isn't in at the office. Recently, a missive from our HR people trickled its way down the sewage pipe that is our company's channel of communication, which discusses, in part, that very same issue.

Now, dress codes for men never really seem to need much explanation. Men have way, way, way fewer choices in the clothes they can wear than do women. Collared polo-type shirts are the norm for many, especially in hi-tech. The problem is, the wearing of shirts with logos is frowned upon as a workplace faux pas. Newflash...if you are a techie, chances are most of your wardrobe consists of shirts, collared, t- or otherwise, with logos on them. What's the problem with wearing a shirt with a company logo on them? Dunno. Who decides these things? They seem so arbitrary.

No misogyny intended, but most of these fashion police types seem to be women. Why is that, I wonder?

On a similar topic, the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is, in my humble opinion, ridiculous. Have you seen the way these guys try to get the poor slob to dress? Who the hell dresses like that EXCEPT outwardly gay men? I think we should start a show called "Straight Guy Steers Queers" in which I would go around and try to get outwardly gay and overly effeminate homosexual men to be less...um...demonstrative. You know...tone it down several hundred notches. Stop them from saying things like "omigaaawwwd!" and "That's just marvelous".

I wonder how that would play in the media? Would it be considered homophobic?