Friday, July 09, 2004

What will Israel do now, and Naming my Penis.

Israel has been found guilty of illegally erecting that wall along the West Bank. What will they do next, I wonder? Perhaps they will make Palestinians wear a yellow-star patch on their clothing to clearly identify them as non-Israelis. wouldn't be the first time the Israelis took a page out of Nazi Germany's book. Ironic, that.

Not that I find the Palestinians blameless. I, too, would be pissed at all the suicide bombings. But I do get tired of all the Israelis as perpetual victims dogma that seem to spout forth on a constant basis from that nation.

On an entirely different topic, check out this Naming My Penis generator from Rum and Monkey. If I use Steve, mine is:

Monster the Sensitive Battleaxe

If I use Stephen, it's:

Henry the Strangely Proportioned Assault Weapon

Take Name Your Penis
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