Tuesday, August 24, 2004


A few months ago, my brother showed me a trailer online for a movie called "Immortel". Filmed in France, but in English. The movie is essentially a science fiction/fantasy with, at least in the trailer, some amazing special effects. The plot isn't going to win any prizes: New York in the year 2095 has evolved into a science-fiction metropolis. A giant pyramid hovers over the city, where the Gods of Ancient Egypt dwell, unbeknownst to the mortals below. Horus, one of the Gods, has his status as an Immortal revoked. With his time running out, Horus has unfinished business to settle in the city against a backdrop of political intrigue, corporate corruption and impending revolution.

Check out the official site at: http://www.immortel-lefilm.com. Choose trailer (standard or full screen) under the section entitled Découverez la bande-annonce.

The film appears to have been released already in France and the rest of Europe, but hasn't worked it's way here yet. Too bad. Would love to see this on the big screen.