Monday, September 27, 2004

Irony in Florida

Okay....let's the past few months, Florida has experienced the following:

1. The defending World Series champion Florida Marlins are official out of play-off contention.
2. The two Florida-based NFL teams are, as of this post, 0-3 (Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Bucs.)
3. Four, count 'em, FOUR hurricanes IN A ROW have devastated much of the state.
4. The sport they care least about is the one in which their team wins the championship (Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL).

All of this comes on the "heels" of Floridians buggering the last federal election and enabling Dubya the chance to blow up stuff legally, and a NEW federal election looming in a couple of months. that irony or what? I mean, not to offend those who have lost their homes and/or loved ones, but doesn't it seem like some Supreme Being is offering a kind of warning shot?


Next thing you know, the pointy bit that is Florida will break off and slide under the Atlantic. And all the old folks living there will still be in their voting booths trying desperately to figure out which "chad" to punch.