Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Desperate Scandals

Years from now, if we are still here and not some radioactive dust floating in the grey winds, we will look back on the Bush Years and, quite probably (and hopefully) laugh. Not with him, but at him. His legacy will be a thing about which our children's children will ask "Did that REALLY happen, Grandpa?" that "Oh, right, Grandpa's spinning bullcrap again" tone of voice.

Look no further than two of the largest "scandals" to have hit the US in decades: the Janet-Jackson-baring-her-breast debacle AND the Monday Night Football's Desperate Housewives send-up. They show some woman's naked back and the lines at the FCC are lit up, and ABC has to issue an apology. If they had shown someone getting shot, would there have been that much of an issue raised? I think not.

Evangelism is the fastest growing "religion" in North America. If there is any group that is less tolerant than radical Muslims, it's this one.

Bush's legacy will be one of appeasement to these doorknobs from the uneducated States who, though physically a "majority" in their voting strength are CLEARLY the extreme minority in number of operative brain cells. We are talking about people who believe that the world was only created a few thousand years ago! I mean, fer crissakes! A FEW thousand years ago?!? And these are the people who set the course of the world for the next four years? A bunch of drooling, slaw-jacked yokels? I don't care what your definition of democracy is, but some people should not be allowed to vote.