Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hating Canada

Just dicking around on the web and typed "hate canada" into Google to see what would come up. Came across some interesting stuff. One is a weblog (the actual blog post was started back in June 2002!), but people began commenting on it again in Sept.

Check it out at: keithdevens.com . The whole chain is interesting because it exposes a couple of things. One, as anyone who surfs a lot can atest, there are a lot of illiterate people in the world. Two, many in the US seem to have a skewed world vision - which also shouldn't surprise anyone.

Here is a seemingly intelligent person who ignores a lot of facts to support his own skewed arguments. You cannot just throw away pertinent information because it doesn't jive well with your personal viewpoint. Reality doesn't work that way. Though, of course, most Americans are trapped in a sort of pseudo-reality (AMBER TERROR ALERT...RUN. HIDE. FEAR FOR YOUR LIVES. THE ENEMY IS COMING.)

The blog's author makes a claim about Canada's lax immigration laws which allows terrorism to flourish. Odd...4 commercial jets get hi-jacked (allegedly, I have an odd feeling about the one that "hit" the Pentagon and the other that crashed in the field...something doesn't feel right about either of them) by terrorists. Not one, not two, but (again, allegedly) FOUR. Where was the US's security then?

I remember seeing a list of the crew and passenger manifests of the two that hit the WTC. I could never get confirmation on the validity of it (neither did this guy), but one thing was extremely odd. None of the names appeared to be Arabic-sounding. If the lists I saw were real, then the terrorists were able to board the airplanes with either totally fake names, or without tickets at all. Now, if they have fake names, which one did they use: Jeffrey Coombs? Andrew Curry Green?

What I want to know it, if they were on the plane, how come they don't appear on the manifests? And how did they get on to them? The link to "this guy" above is essentially someone responding to the original writer's questions regarding the lists. Now, given all those arguments (in red), I still do not see a valid explanation as to the exclusion of the Arab names. Were they on the list, did they have tickets?

The whole point of the above is to point out that, while Canada may have lax immigration laws, the US itself is guilty of pretty shoddy security as well. I mean, there was an FBI briefing that basically previewed Bin Laden's plans. How come security wasn't increased then?

What's even funnier is that in hating Canada, some Americans hate probably the only country on Earth that doesn't egg American tourists...where an American can wear a symbol bearing his flag without fear of reprisal...whether verbal or physical.

Funny article with regards to wearing Canadian symbols.