Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Fred On Everything

Excellent new Fred On Everything called Read Your Newspaper (while you still can).

In this column, he asserts that newspapers are dying out because of the Internet. For the US, this is the beginning of a good thing. Now, if the web could only wipe out American television news....starting with that shitpile Fox.

In a previous column, Fred discusses Wars and their Aftermath. In it he asks:

The observant will have noticed that we hear little from the troops in Iraq and see almost nothing of the wounded. Why, one might wonder, does not CNN put an enlisted Marine before a camera and, for fifteen minutes without editing, let him say what he thinks? Is he not an adult and a citizen? Is he not engaged in important events on our behalf?

It is a sad world when the press of the "land of the free, and the home of the brave" is less open than that of, say, the Ukraine. The media in the US is so tightly controlled as to be essentially meaningless.

So, when people use mainstream media as their source for "proof", aren't their opinions questionable?