Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The End of the NHL?

Back in November 2004, I wrote a post that detailed my ambivalence towards sports in general and hockey specifically. It appears that sportswriters are finally catching up.

In an article entitled "Fans' TV habits to change", the Toronto Sun's sportswriter Lance Hornsby opines that it is the growing fan ambivalence that will signal the end of the league. He quotes Ken Dryden, ex-goaltender with the Montreal Canadians and now Federal Minister for Social Development (whatever that is), who said:

I think that there are a number of fans in this country who have sensed over the last number of months that actually maybe it was more habit than it was passion

He goes on to say,

You never want to give a fan a chance to find out whether it was passion or habit

Last November, I wrote,

Sports in general, and hockey specifically, have to learn a harsh lesson. MOST of us are smart enough not to make watching a sport the sole purpose in our lives....or even a driving force.

See...habit over passion. Dryden puts it more eloquently than I did, but the implications to professional sports, especially the NHL, are the same.

When, and IF, the NHL ever resumes, you can bet the owners and players will finally turn their oh so expensive attentions towards the fans. Ticket prices will have to be slashed, because who in their right-mind would pay the same or more after what the league and the players have done?

Of course, there will always be that core group of no-minds who will spend hundreds of dollars regardless of how they have been treated by the organization they support with their money. These people are morons undeserving of respect.

NHL...good riddance. Next up....Baseball.