Friday, February 04, 2005

Sherry Enema Kills Man

Okay...if that headline doesn't grab you, then nothing will. Sherry Enema Kills Man is an actual headline. Seems some guy died of massive alcohol poisoning after his wife gave him an enema with sherry. When he died, his blood-alcohol level was .47. For those who don't know, you lose your license at about .08.

Now, this guy apparently had all sorts of stomach problems, which meant he couldn't drink booze. Searching the web, it seems this guy used to get regular WINE enemas from his wife so he could get his alcohol fix without actually, well, drinking. Authorities claim she gave him the sherry enema because she knew it would kill him (she used two, 1.5 litre bottles).

The question that no one seems to be asking is: an enema? This guy let his wife give him an enema...sherry-filled or not, that's pretty, um....ick.

If this guy goes to heaven, you know he's going to be ribbed about it. All the other souls would definitely be snickering at this guy. I mean, what a way to go. Having alcohol hosed up your ass.

Do we really care that someone like that is dead? Yeesh.