Thursday, February 24, 2005

Time for a Tax Revolt

The federal budget just came down yesterday, and surprisingly Opposition leader Stephen Harper applauded it as fiscally conservative. Jesus. Since when does increased spending for arts and culture, and more money thrown at non-existent programs (but don't worry, they will exist shortly) mean "fiscally conservative"?

The government sits on a huge EI surplus (to the amount that they could cut a $1000 cheque for every Canadian and still pay for of all of their programs) and nobody is getting pissed. They "cut" taxes to the point that by 2006 the average Canadian will save 62 cents a week. That's right folks, a whopping 62 cents a week. Big fucking deal.

The fact that Harper just stood there is an indication that the Conservative party is a joke, and Harper an even bigger one. Just step the fuck down, ya waffle. I could be a better opposition leader than least I wouldn't compromise my beliefs and ideals.

It's about time we told the federal and provincial and municipal money grabbers to fuck right off. No more taxes until the governments become more fiscally responsible. No more money for arts and culture, no more money for fringe groups and special interest groups. No more money for questionable government programs that are more about appearances than actual practicality.

But, of course, as limp-dicked Canadians, we don't dare rock the boat. Even though we pay more than half of our income in taxes (income tax, sales tax, property tax, GST) we stand there and take it. How sad.