Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Western Separation

Interesting story today regarding the possibility of Western Separation. Seems to me that the metrosexuals and cultural elites of Toronto, you know, those idiots who consistently vote Liberal in spite of that party's overwhelming corruption, would be more concerned with Quebec separation than losing the "rednecks in Alberta". Problem is, Alberta is a have province whereas Quebec isn't.

Losing Quebec would mean saving billions of dollars a year in transfer payments and federal government programs and projects that are more bribes than things necessary for the smooth running of the public service. Couple that with scrapping the billion-dollar a year boondoggle that is Official Languages, and the savings would be incredible.

Losing Alberta, on the other hand (and B.C. I guess) would be economically devastating.

Hey, if Quebec wants to separate, do you think we could convince them to take Newfoundland with them. Two of the biggest have-not provinces in confederation gone? Sweet.