Friday, August 12, 2005

Wow...the Leafs will win the Cup for sure now!

Wow. Eric Lindros in a Toronto Maple Leaves (sic...well...actually there's no such word as Leafs...but let's not quibble) uniform. GET THE PARADE ROUTE ready! I am sure that the Leaf Nation will be all a-quiver with heady anticipation.

I mean...the Big E AND Jason Allison!? How can they lose now? Stanley Cup for sure. Of course, if the Big E scratches his head to hard and gets a concussion, or Allison hurts himself putting his equipment on, then, you know...the Leaves will be in trouble...barring that though...CUP!

Insider stock tip: maybe invest in the drug company that makes Geritol...TO and Detroit should have a big rush on the pharmacies anytime now.