Thursday, January 26, 2006

Conservatives WIN!

Now it starts...

The Conservatives win 124 seats to form a minority government. The wanks are coming out of the woodwork now...

Toronto is all in a tizzy because the whole metro region voted Liberal, and they are worried that the federal government, under the Tories, will "forget them". I hope so! Fuck 'em. Atlantic Canada want to vote for the most corrupt party in Canadian political history, you deserve to get fuck all.

"Oh, but the Conservatives are scary" For crissakes...this is Canada, not the US. Shit won't be raining down like a sermon from the mount...get real. Harper isn't Bush, and nor are the Conservatives the inner circle of the White House (Rumsfeld, et al).

If the Liberals could do all those things and still have someone's vote...what could the Liberals do to lose those votes? I mean, really...what?