Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 - they're kidding, right? IE7 Sucks!

Just downloaded and installed Microsoft's IE 7.0. In typical MS fashion, they decided that they had to rearrange things to "make it better", which of course it doesn't (take a look at the abortion that is Outlook 2003 if you want to see proof of that).

This is what IE used to look like:

Note the Menu bar nicely situated at the top of the screen, like 99.9% of all Windows -based applications. I could also, if I wanted to, unlock the Toolbars and move them around (Address Bar on top, etc.).

Recently, MS released IE 7.0 (ostensibly to compete with Firefox) and this is how it looks:

Hmmm. Where's the Menu Bar? Dunno. Oh, it's hidden (why? Again, I dunno). Notice that the Back and Forward buttons are at the top left...but all the other icons (like Home, Print, Refresh) are at the bottom right. How efficient is that? Rhetorical question: it isn't efficient at all. And, NO, I can't Unlock Toolbars and move everything around. What kind of qualification do they need to be programmers at MS? Just from a usability standpoint, they have screwed up. I uninstalled it almost immediately and thus cannot discuss performance, but from a GUI (Graphical User Interface) or Human Element perspective, they have royally screwed up.

Here is what Firefox 2.0 looks like (well, MY version, since it is totally customizable):

Clean, concise, buttons were I want 'em. How people can still use crap like IE, I have no idea.

IE 7 sucks.