Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whites only need apply?

Lashawn Barber has a wonderful article on the odiousness that is Affirmative Action. The liberal hand-wringers have foisted this mess on society without a thought for the total hypocrisy of it all.

Anytime you make allowances for another person, you do so because of a perceived deficiency in that person. Affirmative Action is simply about making allowances for deficiencies in people based on their skin colour. Oh, lip service is paid to the "poor environment" in which these people have been supposedly been forced to live, but it really comes down to the lowest common denominator: colour. As proof, when have you ever heard/seen an Affirmative Action program for poor, white trailer trash? Ms. Barber asks:

If “whites only” scholarships, policies, and programs are obviously wrong, why are “blacks only” scholarships, policies, and programs not wrong? What’s difference between the races justifies lowering standards for one and discriminating against the other?

As a Canadian...an outsider looking into American society with relative objectivity, I find Fred of Fred On Everything to have a clearer concept of what ails the US than any other writer.

In his article entitled Cultural Psychiatry Fred writes:

Further, the ghetto rules everywhere, seeps in, or threatens. Americans are not social climbers, but social descenders, rappelling deliberately into the grubby depths. On the radio one hears regularly such lyrical confections as “Muthahfucka, muthafucka, she a ho, shit.” Ah, but the chief rule of discourse today is that one must never offend the offensive. You must never suggest that they straighten up and mind their manners, mouth, grammar, and work ethic.

That's it right there. In a nutshell. Michael Richards tees off on some black hecklers and uses racial epitaphs and has to apologise profusely for it. Dr. Kamau Kambon, an ex-professor of African Studies at North Carolina State University (wow, a degree in that will certainly get you a wonderful job in the ditch digging or food services industries), called for the extermination of white people! But for the most part the press made "allowances" for the attitude of Kambon, and one can only assume it's because he is black.

But Affirmative Action has also impacted the earliest grades of school, not just the workforce and universities. Schools in the States have been dumbed down, part of the "No one Left Behind" program. In another article, Eighth Grade in Mexico, Fred writes about his girlfriend's daughter in Mexico, and how advanced their 8th grade program is there (in a land upon which regular Americans look down their noses). He contrasts that with the poor state of American schools:

The girls came home with misspelled handouts from affirmative-action science teachers, and they learned about Harriet Tubman and oppression. Of the sciences they learned very little. I knew bright kids who had trouble with the multiplication tables. Yes, there are schools and schools, some better than others, and advanced-placement and such. I do not suggest that Mexico has a great school system, because it doesn’t. Yet Natalia, in her particular school, is better off than she would be in Washington, heaven knows, or the Virginia suburbs. Ain’t that something?

Settings standards to the lowest common denominator and making allowances for a perceived deficiency in others is quite possibly the worst form of racism.