Friday, February 03, 2006

American Idol and a form of child abuse

Would it be considered a form of child abuse to knowingly expose your child to ridicule and humiliation?

I caught, totally by accident I assure you, the tail end of this week's American Idol auditions. They were in Austin, Texas (warning flags should have been ringing there!).

One of the last people to audition was girl (though, given the American propensity for obesity, she might actually be considered thin) about 17 who was wearing a pair of godawfully bright pink pants so tight I'm not sure she could breathe. As she was going into the audition room, she said something to the effect that Simon would "love" her.

Problem was, she couldn't sing. Not a note. Terrible. I could do better and I suck. She left the room almost in tears saying that the judges had "...made a mistake, a terrible mistake...". didn't, sweetheart.

When she left the room she tried to slam the door (I think it hit her butt or thighs) and she started to cry. Now...her MOTHER was there to console her.

Unless her mother and everyone of legal guardian-status age in her life is tone deaf and/or so freakin' inbred that they are incapable of identifying "suckitude" when they hear it (and, in the case of her clothing, SEE it), then they let her go audition on an international stage knowing she would be humiliated. That's some mighty good parenting there, isn't it?

I her think parents should be charged, fined, or both.